Which is the best alternative of TikTok?

Friends, as you all know that Tick Talk has been discontinued in India, in such a situation, all the videos that the creators were making on Tick Talk are very much upset about this, friends, in today’s post, I will give you Tick Talk. I am going to tell you about an alternative where you can make a video like Same as Tick Talk and the 200 best thing about this application is that it is a Made in India application that means the application is completely made in India. And here you can create the same video as Same Tick Talk as you used to do in Tik Tok. Friends, as you all know that Tik Tok which is a Chinese app and not just Tick Talk with it. Also, the entire 51 apps have been banned in India which is Chinese.

Which app has replaced TikTok in India?

There are so many Indian applications that have come in the market after the closure of Tick Talk, but friends, all the applications are not as good as you can make in the video sun like Tick Talk, but the application about friends I am going to tell you that it is the same as the same to be tick talk. It is just that it was a Chinese application and it is an Indian application and is completely made in India, and where you can in every way Which is Tick Talk as soon as you can make videos, well, now we will tell you how to use this application in your mobile phone, how to use it and how here you can create same to be videos as Tik Tok.

Who is the No 1 Tik Toker in India?

You friends, to take applications like this tick talk first in your mobile phone, you have to open the play store in your mobile phone as soon as you open the play store here, here you will see many applications in mobile, now friends here But you have to select the search bar given above, as soon as you open the search bar in your mobile phone, there you will be asked the name of the application, then there you have to first write the name of the application with which one of your I am telling you the name, so friends, search here later you have to write Roposo and search it. As soon as you search by typing Roposo friends, then this vacation will come to the first number in your mobile. First of all take it to your mobile phone

What is alternative to TikTok?

Now friends, the most important thing about this application is that this application is just like a complete tick talk here, like you used to make videos on tick talk, like you used to comment, like you made a profile, I like you. Where you can create this application as well, first of all, when you take this application in your mobile phone, then you have to open it first, as soon as you open, you will be asked for some permission in this application. If the microphone camera and all the permissions that are obtained from normal will be asked to you through this application, then you have to give all the permissions to this application first. Will open fully in

Which is the best Tik Tok app in India?

Now friends, as soon as someone opens your mobile phone completely, you will be asked first here, if you are belongs from India here, then you have to select India or if you have any If you are belongs from other country, then you can select any other country, after that you have to click on Next. On clicking Next, you will be asked the mobile number here, here you have to enter your mobile number, so right you You will enter your mobile number and OK, here your mobile number will be verified. After the mobile number is verified, here you have to write your name, whatever your name is, you have to write the name here. If you want to put a photo in your profile picture, then you can also put it here

Who is the Queen of TikTok?

Now friends, even after doing so much here, the application will fully open as soon as Tick Talk opens in your mobile phone. Now if you were already using tickets, then you will know all the features of this application. Video is made in the application, how are likes, how are comments and in which way one’s profile is seen, you can see everything here, can create here, you can create one video and there is a lot of interesting application Not only friends, in addition to this, you get more effects here than tick talk, you get features of video editing, and you can add music here too and friends, the best thing is that if you use this application If used, it is a full-fledged India application and India will benefit greatly from it.

So friends, I hope that today all of you have liked this tick talk alternative post and you will not be missing the tick talk anymore because friends when you open this application and once you use this application If you like what you have, the tick-toed feel will come in this application, then friends, if you liked this post, please like this post, will tell all your friends about this application, share this post with everyone Tell us how you liked this post and you can also follow us to see such technology related posts always.

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