WhatsApp Two New Useful & Amazing Feature Update 2021

Friends, we all use WhatsApp in our mobile phones but some new updates are coming in WhatsApp every day and so there are some similar features in WhatsApp that till date we do not know most people to chat on WhatsApp. For sending videos or photos or keeping them for normal use, but there are some such features on WhatsApp that if you learn the tricks, if you get to know, then you can not use many things and WhatsApp too. WhatsApp keeps updating itself every day, so friends, in this post today, I am going to talk about a similar trick which is a very good trick, and friends, in this post today, I will tell you two ways which if you two ways. Let’s learn about WhatsApp, this hat-trick will be very useful for you.

So friends, let’s talk about the first number trick of friends. The first number trick is that you will be sending videos on normal only on WhatsApp. Friends, sometimes we want you to send videos on WhatsApp. If you do not have a voice, then you have brought a new feature in WhatsApp, in which you can send your video without voice. Now how will it be when you are sending a video, then I will get a Sawan icon above. If you mute it then the video which is without sound means that the person who is watching will be able to see the video but will not be able to listen to the sound. This is a very good and very new update of WhatsApp which I just watched. I felt that this information should be shared with all of you.

Friends, will talk about what is in the second number trick of the second number track that friends are the general, we always send a sticker on WhatsApp and this feature came 1 year ago, when WhatsApp was new then it was the speaker There was no feature, but just 1 year ago, the feature of speaker has come, now what other feature has come in the market in which you can share your own stickers and you can make the speaker as well as you can customize it. You can add emojis to it, you can add text and you can add a lot of things, friends. This trick is brand new to 2021, so I thought you should tell people.

You friend, to use this trick, you have to take a speaker application in your mobile, with the help of which you can create your own custom stickers and edit them as well as you can add emoji to it. You can add text and add a lot of things, so how to take that application in your mobile phone, let’s first tell you, you guys, to take this application in your mobile phone, you must first be in mobile Google Play Store has to be opened, now as soon as you open Google Play Store in mobile, you will get a lot of applications there, as you all know that we take any application from Google Play Store only. You will get a search option in there, you have to click on it and by clicking there you have to write a custom speaker friend and you have to search by writing the name of the application there.

As soon as you search by writing the name of this application, many applications will come in front of you, then you have to take the first number application in your mobile, now friends, as soon as the application comes in your mobile completely, then this You have to open the application, now friends open, through this application some permissions will be sought, such as your gallery permissions and also the normal permissions of the application, all the permissions will be asked from you, so you have to give this application first. As soon as you give all the permission to this application, the application will open in your mobile completely, now friends, here first you have to select the photo that you want to make a speaker, after that select the photo here Crop option will be found, now friends, as soon as you click on the clock, this photo will be automatic cropped and will be designed in the sticker, now others want to update here, that feature is also given below if you want to add emoji. They can also add And when this final list is ready, then here comes your option, you have to save it on the right side and you can add it to your WhatsApp by saving it.

I hope you will like this trick, it is a completely new feature of WhatsApp. If you learn the SIM feature centric, then you are going to be very useful. If you have liked this track, please like this post. Like, share with all your friends, if you have any problem related to this trick, then you can also tell us by commenting here and friends, if you always want to read new posts related to the same technology, then you can also follow us Can thankyou

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