No One Can Use Your Mobile Phone New Security Trick 2021

Friends, it often happens to all of us that someone asks for our mobile phone to call or message somewhere and at that time we are not able to refuse it because they can be people of our family, we can be our friends. In such a situation, we are not able to refuse them, so at that time we have to give them a mobile phone, so it has happened to me too many times that one of my friends has said that I have to call here or message me. There is no balance in the mobile. Give your mobile phone for a while, then we give the mobile phone at that time, but a question goes on in our mind that the photo which is in our mobile is the video, the data is there, see it somewhere. Do not take it, that is why I am writing this post today in which I am going to tell you a way in which you can give your mobile phone to anyone, but they will not be able to see your personal data photo video of your mobile. It is a good and very interesting pick, friends will understand the post carefully and will understand it well.

How do I make sure my phone is secure?

So friends, you can adopt two ways to use this application. First way, if this feature is already in your mobile, then you can go to your mobile settings and enable this trick so that you can give the mobile to anyone. But it will not be able to see or read the personal data of your mobile but 200 other way is that if your mobile will not have this feature, if your mobile does not have the function that is, then you will have a small You can use send using the application, so friends, in this post today, we will tell you both tricks, first we will tell you how to do this setting in your mobile settings and how you can use this pick and second The number which is how to take the application in your mobile phone and how to use it, we will tell you both tricks in this post today, so let’s go ahead in the post made, let us tell you first.

Which is the No 1 phone in world?

You first of all talk about the first number which is in your mobile phone, as I told you, first thing you have to do for it is that you have to go to the settings of your mobile phone. You will get the option of all settings but there you will get the option of a gas setting, if you do not find that setting, then in the search bar above you can also search for guest settings, then in a mobile it is called second space It is also known that if you do not get the guest settings, then you can also search for the second space, the answer will be search the second space, then search the second space, if this feature will be in your mobile, then the number will come first, now you select the second space As soon as you select the second space, then friends here will ask for your password, now you have to enter your mobile password which you have set 10 or you will set the password, after that you will start switching to 10 seconds like Only the switching will be completed after that your mobile will be completely destroyed. Will come in T mode.

How use mobile phone safely?

So friends, this was the first setting. Now when you take your mobile phone in guest mode, after that, you can give a mobile phone to anyone and friends, it is just a matter of one click as you open it in your settings and the second space We will be able to use your mobile phone after that, now you are thinking how will this happen so soon, then you have to enter the password only once, after that it will be set in your mobile, you will go to the SIM please setting And after going to the settings you have to select the second space and after switching the direct which is your mobile will go into guest mode excuse gallery will show any data of your mobile, then in this way you can easily use the settings of your mobile. You can use the stick in the mobile and adopt maximum security. Now friends, let’s talk about how the trick of second number is not your own. If you do not own this trick in your mobile phone, if you do not have this feature in the settings. How can you use the application?

Which phone is better in world?

So friends, as you all know that we have to open Google Play Store in mobile first to take any application in your mobile, then you also have to open Google Play Store first in your mobile phone and After opening the Google Play store, you have to search in the top, there is a lot of applications sleeping there, then if you have to take this application in your mobile phone, then you will find the top there and you have to open it first. You have to search for seconds and search friends, as soon as the application arrives in your mobile phone, then what you need to do is to take this application in your mobile, how to open and use the application after taking it in mobile That is what we tell you.

So friends, as soon as the application comes in mobile, you have to open this application, now friends, as soon as you open the application, then no permission will be given by the application, then you have to give permission. All applications will appear there, now friends, you do not have to select any application that you do not want to show to your friend, you can select the one you want to show, after clicking on the icon given above like If you click here, your mobile will run in the second space, meaning that you will go in guest mode, now you can give your mobile phone to any of your friends, he will not be able to see anything in your mobile phone but rather what you want to show him. If you will be able to see the same, then you can easily keep your mobile safe and secure in this way, you can keep your data safe and secure. To read more posts related to similar technology, we need Definitely follow thank you

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