New WhatsApp Status & Privacy Policy Update

Friends, in this post today, I will tell you about some of the updates and features of WhatsApp that you will like very much. Friends, let’s first tell you about the privacy policy update of WhatsApp which has come in 2021.

Friends, as you all will know that WhatsApp had updated its privacy policy just a few days ago, which is on the home screen of all of us WhatsApp Friends, you may have also seen the update of this WhatsApp privacy policy on the home screen of your WhatsApp. So friends, now know what is this new privacy policy update of WhatsApp and how it works.

What is WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021

So friends, first of all understand what is the new privacy policy update of WhatsApp and if we agree to this privacy policy then what are the benefits and disadvantages we can face.

So friends, in this new privacy policy of WhatsApp, WhatsApp wants to say that if you agree to this privacy policy, then you must have heard from many people that your data will be shared with WhatsApp or your information as soon as you approve this privacy policy update. Shared data will also be shared with WhatsApp, then friends are listening to many such things.

But friends, I want to tell you that just 2 days ago, WhatsApp updated its own status and said that it does not share your data at all, but rather the data you are talking or licking. There will be no need to worry about this, if you stay between the two, you can easily make this privacy policy easy.

Is my Data Safe on Whatsapp?

Friends, a lot of people have asked me this question, if my data is safe on WhatsApp, friends were sharing a lot about it and many people were confused about this but I want to tell you friends as I Told you that WhatsApp itself has updated its WhatsApp status and has told that you are absolutely safe on WhatsApp, then you can use WhatsApp without any hesitation.

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