New mobile charging sound notification trick 2021

Friends, if you also recharge your mobile phone, in this post today, I am going to tell you such a tremendous way that you will all like a lot, then in such a way that whenever you apply your mobile phone charging, your mobile will say that Your mobile phone has started charging, I will tell you as soon as the charge is complete, then after that, as soon as you remove your mobile phone from charging, your mobile phone will say that please do not remove me from 4:00 I am not full charged yet. You have a very powerful and very tricky trick that has just come in the market, so I thought that through this post, I will tell you all about this method. Let me tell you something, but before that I will Let me tell you how this method works and how you can use this method in your mobile phone.

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So friends, let me tell you that this is an application in which you have to record and upload your voice as soon as you record your voice and upload it, similarly friends your mobile phone will work like here in this application you will hear two options Are connected and disconnected Whenever you connect your mobile phone with charging, the sound you upload in it will be spoken and as soon as you disconnect your mobile from charging, then the same sound will be spoken which you have uploaded. The application works in this way, now how to take this application in your mobile phone, how to use it, let’s do everything.

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So friends, first of all, to take this application in your mobile phone, as you know that you have to take help from Google Play Store, now whenever we have to take an application in our mobile phone, we go to Google Play Store. By the way, friends, you have to go to the Google Play Store and as soon as you go to the Google Play Store, you get a lot of options there, that means you get a lot of applications, now friends, you have to click on the search bar above and the like If you click on the truth, then a search box will open there, now there, you have to search by writing charging sound notifications, remember that when your mobile is charging or if the charging connector disconnects, which you set then the friends application. As soon as you search, this application will come on the top of your mobile, so first of all, take this application in your mobile phone.

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Now friends, as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, what you have to do here is to open that application, now open the second application, there will be some small permissions which is a basic permission. All the applications are asked in the application, then the permission should be given to you as soon as you start the permission, after that where you got engaged in four settings in this application as I told you connect connect and also two settings here you need to connect First to select, now as soon as you select Connect, then you will be asked to record a sound there, then you have to record that sound from the audio recorder in your mobile and upload it after recording. After that you can also verify that sound.

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Now friends talk about disconnect that as soon as you save in Sound Connect, after that you have to come in disconnect, now you have to open the disconnect and the same process is the same, you have to open the audio recording, whatever sound you keep If you want to record or if you want to download any sound manually then you can do it through ringtone here, then you have to upload it yourself, after that it will be set here now. Also if you put your mobile phone on charging, then the same that is uploaded there and as soon as you disconnect the charging, then the same sound play will be there which you have installed there friends. This is a very special and very cool way. I can handle sending to you, I hope you all liked this trick, if you liked this post, would like it and you can follow me for similar new technology post. Thanks

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