New incoming calls announcing tricks 2021

Friends do not know how many calls come on our mobile phones throughout the day, and friends come from our home in the same way, our friend’s call comes and many more calls come to our mobile phones and friends we have heard the ringtone on our mobile The same ringtone is set in the phone again and again the same ringtone settles in our mobile phone, now what happens in friends is that we do not know who is getting the call, if we have to find out in friends, then we have to first We have to remove the mobile phone from the pocket, we see when we go and find out, but in this post of friends today, I am going to tell you some way that whatever you are, whenever there is a call on your mobile phone, then what you have Name should be told that yes its call is coming, now it will be easy for you to know who is making the call on your mobile phone.

What does it mean announce incoming calls?

Friends, this is going to be a lot of interesting trick in which you will be announcing the call, what is the name of the caller who is calling you, now you will need an application to put this trick in your mobile phone as you know. Is that with the help of an application, you can easily put a woman in your mobile phone, then friends first tell you how this trick works in the mobile, after that you will tell you how with the help of this trick you will use your mobile You can take this application in the phone and do you have to make the settings, then friends, this is an application that announces incoming calls on your mobile so that you will know that the call is coming on your mobile phone. Whose call is that coming from?

What app announces who is calling?

To take this application in your mobile phone, you must first open the Google Play Store, as you know that whenever we take any application in our mobile phone, we need the Google Play Store for that. First of all, you have to open Google Play Store in your mobile phone as soon as you open Google Play Store, after which you get a lot of applications as you know Google Play Store has a lot of new applications launched. But to take it in your mobile, you have to open the truth bar given above, as soon as you open the government given above, you will be asked the name of the application there, then you have to enter the name of the application there. Friends, the name of that application is Call Announcer Pro, you have to search the call announcer there and write it, only then the application will appear in front of you.

How do I turn off call announcement on Android?

As soon as you see Abdul after searching the application, then you will see a lot of applications here in the name of the call announcer, then you will have to take that application in your mobile phone on the top number of the application which you can see at the top. Now as soon as you take friends application in your mobile phone, you will be asked for some small permission here, then that permission is to be given to you by this application first, after giving permission, it is said to you in an option of system application here. You will have to leave that option here, you have to set it, after that, enable this application, now you will be able to sleep, as soon as you enable this application, after that you will not have to do anything here on your mobile. All incoming calls will come, will all the incoming calls be named here?

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