Mobile Phones Checking Trick 2021 | Duplicate or Original Mobile Identification by App

Friends, we all continue to buy mobiles, if we buy new mobiles, we buy second hand mobile phones, but friends, one thing has become very common nowadays that whenever you go to buy mobiles in a shop, then in our mind at that time The question definitely comes whether this mobile phone is old or there is no problem in this mobile, a lot of questions of this way keep going in our mind and friends, it has happened so many times that you are going to get a new mobile phone. In the shop and friends, at that time, he gets a part change in the mobile phone or there is no mobile phone, he is just put in a new box, then at that time we spend money to buy our mobile phones but At that time, we cannot find out whether this mobile is right or not, so today’s post is on someone, how can you find out that the mobile phone you are buying is not a duplicate, it is original.

You guys will get this post well, everything will be understood step by step so that whenever you go to get a new mobile or if you are taking a second hand mobile phone from someone, then you will know that the mobile phone is a duplicate or Originally, nowadays, many duplicate mobile phones have been made, due to which it is not known whether the mobile is right or not, friends, for this you will first have to keep a small app in your mobile phone, with the help of which you can easily do this thing. You can now identify where you can find it, or if you insert a SIM in the mobile, you can also find out from it or you can scan that code on the back of the mobile box which is a barcode. You can get complete information about mobile, this friends application is very good, I have liked the application myself a lot, so I thought that you should also tell about it all, so friends, now let me tell you how this application should be in mobile And to use.

So friends, first of all to take this application in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play store, as you know that we take any application in our mobile phone, then we need it from the Google Play store for that. As soon as you open the Google Play store, you get a lot of applications there, you also know that now friends, how you will get your body and that I am telling you, friends, what you have to do for it First of all, you have to open the search bar by writing at the top, now friends, as soon as you open the search bar, here you will have to write the name of the application, when you will be asked to name the application here, you have to write it here. As soon as you search such a list as No Your Mobile, then this application will come on the first number in your mobile.

Now friends tell you how to use this application in your mobile, how you can find out by using this application that the mobile phone you are taking is original, whether it is a duplicate or the specification of this mobile. There is no problem in this mobile or how old is this mobile phone, you can find out everything with the help of this application, first of all you have to open it after taking this application in mobile, now friends like If you open this application, then here you get the option to enter IMEI number at the top and the SIM option is available at the bottom, then the option of 200 SIM is there, then when you insert the SIM in that mobile phone and If you can find this application then you can find out, then it is a bit difficult to use this option, but here you also have this option in the channel, you do not have to do anything when you are going to get a mobile phone, then you have to open the Escaner and the mobile The barcode behind the box is to be scanned.

Now friends here scan the IMEI number of the mobile which is here, you will sleep, after that you have to click on the search, click on the search, which model is of the mobile, how old it is, there is no defect in the mobile Everything is going well that is not running, all this information that you will get here in money please, the purpose of making the application is that you will be able to know which mobile is original or which mobile is a duplicate. Friends, I hope you liked this post, if you liked this application, then like this post, you will like this post, share this post with all your friends and comment how you liked this post and such He can also follow us to read the post from new technology.

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