How To Use Mobile Calculator To Hide Photos, And Video

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a trick, with the help of which you can hide your personal data such as a photo, video, or any file that you want to hide from others, in your mobile calculator. Can. Friends, I am Nitya and today I am going to tell you that how you can hide your personal photos or videos in the calculator on your mobile; Yes friends, I am not kidding you here, you can hide your secret files in your mobile calculator, which you have read perfectly. Friends, now you can tell this amazing trick, if you also want to do this, then you can do this work very easily with the help of this trick mentioned below.

Friends, today, young boys and girls like me have some such personal files with all of us, which contain such personal photos or videos that we do not want to see and get to know your family members. These saris did not even get out by mistake. If someone uses your mobile in such a situation, then even after searching it, those files are not found. And your personal photos and videos on your mobile will remain completely. I am sure that this trick is going to be very useful for you in this situation.

Friends, I know that knowing all these things, many questions will be coming to your mind, what is this trick? How is this trick used? How to use this trick on your mobile? Many more such questions. So friends, do not take tension at all, I will tell you every step of the trick with complete details so that you will not face any problem in using this trick on your mobile. Friends, you can use this trick in any of your Android mobiles. So friends, let us know step buy this trick. Along with this, you have to read this entire process carefully till the end so that you do not face any problems.

Friends, you must first save this app on your mobile, the personal files of the mobile which you want to hide from others. For which you have to go to the home screen of your mobile and open the Google Play Store, and you have to search by typing “Calculator Vault”. After searching, here you will see this app on the first number, by which tab you have to open it. Friends, you can see the full details of this app here. Like how many people have saved it in their mobiles till now. How many people have commented or reviewed on this app, you can see all these things very easily. You can also see the entire interface of this app. Friends, let me tell you one more thing, this app is only 11 MB which does not use much space of your mobile storage.

So friends, now you have to save this app on your mobile. As soon as you save this app on your mobile, this app will ask you for some permission like permission of Gmail and details of your mobile contacts which you have to give permission by tab above the Allow button so that this app is in your mobile Will come very easily. After this, friends have to open it by going to the place where you have saved it on your mobile.

Friends, after opening this app, you can see here that you are asked to enter a password here, after setting your password, you will have to enter a recovery password so that if you ever forget the main password, it will recover your password. Will take After this you can see here that you will get all three options like photo videos and files which will be highlighted from your main gallery of ads. The files that you want to hide will be hidden on your mobile. Friends, if you want any of these files back in the gallery of your mobile, then you can also bring them back by entering the password very easily. And friends, this is a completely free app that is not charging you any of these services.

Friends, if we talk about the ratings of this app, then the rating of this app is 4.4, which is considered a very good rating. Also, you can see here that more than 10 million people have installed this app on their mobile so far, you can see how good and popular this app is by looking at the rating and installation of this app. And if we talk about the comments made on this app, then here you can see how many people have commented on this app. They are also very good comments.

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