How To Use Made In India TikTok App

Hello friends, today I am going to talk to you about an app that has become very famous in not only India but all over the world. But friends as we are all Indians and for us, our country and all things related to it comes first, so we have to choose our country first. Friends, I am talking about TikTok and Judy Bain. As you all know that TikTok is a Chinese app that was using our privacy or simply saying that our personal data was against our country.

I know that many of our TikToker brothers have suffered a lot due to this, but they will also agree that it is necessary to oppose what was causing harm to our country. But friends, why not take tension at all, as every time I take some remedy or some trick for you people, which benefits you very much. Yes, friends, I have brought here an app similar to you exactly like TikTok which if you call Indian TikTok, then there will be nothing wrong. This app is a completely Indian copy of TikTok which has been made in India. Friends, now you can tell this amazing news. I know you will also use our India-made Tiktok.

Friends, I know that knowing all these things, many questions will be coming to your mind, which app is this How is this app used How to save this app to your mobile Many more such questions. So friends, do not take tension at all, I will tell you every step of this app with complete details so that you will not face any problem in using this app on your mobile. Friends, you can use this app on any of your Android mobiles. So friends, let us know step by step this app. Along with this, you have to read this entire process carefully till the end so that you do not face any problems.

Friends, you must first save this app on your mobile so that this app comes on your mobile. Friends, to save this app on your mobile, you have to go to your mobile home screen and open the Google Play Store, and you have to search by typing Roposo. After searching, here you will see this app on the first number, by which tab you have to open it. Friends, you can see every detail of this app here. Like how many people have saved it in their mobiles till now. How many people have commented or reviewed on this app, how much MB is this app, and how much storage will it take on your mobile, you can see all these things very easily. You can also see the entire interface of this app. Friends, let me tell you one more thing, this app is only 24 MB which does not use much space of your mobile storage. And this app is very small in terms of storage from TikTok so that there will be no problem due to storage in your mobile.

So friends, now you have to save this app on your mobile. As soon as you save this app in your mobile, then this app will ask you for some permission like permission of Gmail, Video and Photo Gallery and details of contacts of your mobile which you have to give permission by tab above the Allow button so that This app will come to your mobile very easily. After this, friends have to open it by going to the place where you have saved it on your mobile.

Friends, after opening this app, you can see here that here you can see that all the features and buttons are like the TikTok app. For example, swiping, liking, or commenting on videos or making your own video is like Sham TikTok so that you are not going to face any kind of problem. You can share videos of yourself or someone else with your friends, just like Tiktok here. And friends, this is a completely free app that is not charging you any of these services.

Friends, if we talk about the ratings of this app, then the rating of this app is 4.2, which is considered to be a very good rating. Also, you can see here that more than 10 crore people have installed this app on their mobiles so far, you can see how good and popular this app is by looking at the rating and installation of this app. And indeed this is an Indian app for an Indian person. If we talk about the comments made on this app, then here you can see how many people have commented on this app. They are also very good comments.

Friends, if you liked or you will get any benefit from this application, then you use it and you should inform your friends and family members about it so that they too can know the quality and right price of each product and all information about that product. Friends, this application is absolutely free, whenever you want to use it, you do not have to drink any money to run it. And I also use it myself. Thanks

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