How to upload long status on whatsapp

Friends, all of you must have applied status on WhatsApp, but friends, a new way of applying status has come in WhatsApp, in which you can now apply status for any amount of time, friends, as you would know that you have only 30 seconds of status on WhatsApp. You will be able to put it so far and if you have to apply for more than 30 seconds, then you do it part by part which is not good, you friends today, in this post, I am going to tell you a way in which you can easily How long can you apply status on your WhatsApp, this method is very good friends and I have been handling it in this way for a long time, so I thought that I should tell you about this method as well.

How can I upload more than 30 second status on WhatsApp?

So friends are the first to tell how this method works, so let me tell you that wherever you open WhatsApp, you friends, you will put some status on WhatsApp every day, you will put a photo, you will put a video But if you put a photo, then you can easily install it, but if you want to put a longer video, then you can not install it, that application has just come new in the market and with that application you can easily get your big status You can put it on WhatsApp, whether it is 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or why it is 1 hour, then friends, let me tell you everything is step by step and you will tell me first of all. That you have to take this application in your mobile and how to use it.

Why I can put WhatsApp status 15 seconds?

How can I send a 3 minute video on WhatsApp?

So friends, let’s first tell about that application, friends, in order to take this application in your mobile, you have to first open the Google Play store in mobile as you all know that from the Google Play Store which is there, we will If you take any application in your mobile phone, then you will need the Google Play Store to take this application as well, you friends, as soon as you open the Google Play Store here, after that you get a lot of applications here. As you know, but you will have to search the application we want here because friends application has come, how much you can put through this application, friends, first of all you need to download this application of WhatsApp here. Here you have to write saga whatsapp but before writing 200 saga whatsapp you have to open the search bar.

How can I increase WhatsApp status viewer?

As soon as you open the search bar, the name of the application will be asked from there, so as I told you, you have to write Saga WhatsApp here and search here. From here, friends will come here on your mobile number, the application which is shown on the first number is the same real Saga WhatsApp application, then you have to take that application in your mobile, now friends, as soon as you take that application in your mobile phone, then here But you will be asked for some permission, through this application, you have to give some permission to this application, after that you have to open this application as soon as you open a lot of offices here, then you will first get the number option Pay attention to the video status as soon as you click on Yadav video status, then your friend will be asked to select the video.

How can I send video status on WhatsApp?

Now friends, as soon as you select the video, then after that you select WhatsApp from here, just like you will select WhatsApp, then in which video status you want to put that video, the video will be of 10 minutes to select that 30 30 Second partitions will become automatic means that you do not need to select how long I have to put a video on WhatsApp. Automatic is your entire video. Yes to WhatsApp status, yes friends, this is a great way. I hope that this trick and this post will be liked by all of you to apply the status on WhatsApp, then if you all liked this post then like it and all your friends must surely read the right post instead of Sir. Thank you

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