How to solve hanging mobile problem in android

Friends, a lot of people have asked me why my mobile hangs so much because nowadays many people have this problem that their mobile hangs a lot, so friends, I have come up with such a method for all of you in this post. In which you can easily solve the hanging problem of your mobile and at the same time if there is any other problem in your mobile then it will also be fixed, then friends, now let us tell you everything step by step how you You can easily prevent the mobile from hanging and at the same time how to fix everything, if there is any defect in your mobile, then let’s learn.

How can I fix my hanging Samsung phone?

Now friends talk about which mobile phone is the most, which hangs, then friends are the most hanging mobile, because many users using mobile phones have also asked me quite often that we can use our mobile phone How can we stop being hanged, friends now tell you what is the biggest reason for having a mobile hang
Two friends are the biggest reason for mobile hangings, storage is good, if your mobile storage is less then your mobile will definitely hang, so there are many reasons which we are going to tell you in this post today, let us tell you is.

Which app is best for removing virus?

Now friends, it often happens that when there are many viruses in your mobile or there are many empty file folders due to which our mobile storage becomes full, then for this you should first get as many mobiles from your mobile There is also a file or folder, or whatever data you do not use, first delete it in your mobile, which will reduce the storage of your mobile and the empty file or folder which you will not be using is also clean. For this, if you want, you can also use an app that will clean all the empty folders and files on your mobile.

how to clean junk files from android mobile phone

Now friends, we tell you that you can remove junk files and data from your mobile, after which your mobile will run very fast and will never hang, friends, for that you should first open the settings of your mobile like hog You will open the option of settings of your mobile, there you will get a lot of options, then you have to open the option of storage and data, if you do not find this option there, then you just open the search option given above. Now, when you open the search option, you will get the option to search there, then you have to search by writing the storage end and now as soon as you search, then now you will have the option of this setting in front of you. You will get the option to select Clean Up Now, after selecting it, all the junk files on your mobile will be cleaned.

How to clean junk files and folder by android app

Now friends judge’s man told you that you have to open the setting option in your mobile, after that you will get the option to clean the junk file there but friends many times it happens that we do not get this option in your mobile settings Because this option is not available in all mobile phones, if you do not find this option in your mobile settings, then you have to take an app in your mobile, due to which you can easily clean your mobile’s junk files and folders. So friends, to take this app, you have to open the play store in your mobile and search in the search bar above, as soon as you search the Junk File Cleaner, you will find this app in your mobile on the first number, now this app You can easily clean junk files by taking them into mobile.

So friends, I am happy that now you will know why our mobile phone hangs and what is the main reason for getting a mobile and in this post today we have also told you that by hanging your mobile phone How to avoid and you must have learned all these methods, so friends if you have liked this trick, then please like this post and please share this post with all your friends and comment Of course, how did you like this post and you should follow us to read the posts related to similar technology. Thank you

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