How to See Live Home, Town Street in Mobile Map Trick 2021

Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you a way that you can easily see your home, your village, your city, your city live on mobile map, yes friends, many people have asked me this question. Sir, how can we live on Google Map, see your home, your village, your city, your throat on the map, so friends, in this post today, this special trick has been brought to you by how you can easily make Google Map your home You can see the village or the city, both in 3D and 2D, friends for this, as you all know that first you have to take an application in your mobile phone, now you must be thinking that the map application is already If it is in our mobile phone, then what application do we have to take in mobile, friends, this is a very new way of application, with the help of which you can live completely, see your home, your village here on your mobile on Google map Can

So friends, first of all, tell you what such application is and how you can take that application in your mobile, how you can use it and how you can see whatever is your life, your home, your village on Google Map If you are friends, firstly I will tell you how to take that application in your mobile phone and what is the name of that application, then how to give friends application to your mobile phone, then you will all know that any application To get into mobile, one has to go to the Google Play store, but that application is the application and the application itself is given by Google, now friends, I will tell you which application is by Google, so many applications have been given by Google. What is the name in this application and what is such a special thing in this application, so friends, let us tell you everything step by step.

So friends, first of all, you have to open the Google Play Store to take this application in your mobile phone. To take a mobile phone, you must first open the search bar above, friends. Unless you do not search, you will not get the exit application that you want to take in your mobile phone, friends as soon as you are on the search. If you click, I will be asked to name you in the search bar, then you have to write Google there, yes friends, Google in this application, where with the help of this application, you can easily reach your home village or city or any place in the world. You can easily see it on your mobile phone, then as soon as friends search the Google Earth List app, then this application will first appear in your mobile phone, now friends, although the application is from Google, then you can easily take this application in your mobile phone. Without any hesitation.

Now friends, as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, after that you have to take some small permission in this application, only then the application will open in your mobile phone in a complete way, now friends, first you sign in this application You will have to sign in as soon as you sign in here, only then the application will work in your mobile phone, then friends, you have signed in Google already on your mobile phone, you have to sign in with the same Gmail ID. Will open in front of you, now friends, any place you want to see here, whichever city you have to search, you will get the option of search bar at the top, you can search there.

Friends, I go to the option of 2D and 3D below. You can adopt the method you want to see on Google Map from either PK, you can either see it in 3D or you can see it in broken friends as soon as you see your city. If we search for the name of your village, then let’s search here, that city will come in front of you. You can see something in 3D in this application, so friends, I hope you all have liked this trick, if you have liked this trick post, then like this post, share this post with all your friends and friends. You can also follow us to read a new post related to the same technology.

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