How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup?

Friends, in this video of today, we are going to answer a question that many people have asked me how many times the message has been deleted from our mobile, now how can we bring that message back to our mobile friends? This is a common problem that happens to all of us, meaning the message gets deleted by mistake, so now you have two ways to recover your message. The first way is in your mobile phone but sometimes If that method does not work, then you can adopt another method at that time, which is alive with the help of friends, friends, you can also recover the message easily with the help of the app.

How to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android?

So friends are the first way to tell you what happens in your mobile, friends, to use that method, you must first go to the settings of your mobile, after going to the settings, you will get a lot of options on it, then you will If you find a lot of options, then you have to find an option, Friends of Backup & Restore, this is the setting of the mobile from where you can easily retrieve any deleted messages on your mobile.

How can I get Whatsapp deleted messages back?

So friends, this was the first way that you can easily retrieve your deleted messages from your mobile only from your mobile, now you tell us the other way, due to which you can easily from your mobile with the help of an app You can also recover any deleted message on any mobile or WhatsApp, then friends, let’s now tell you both ways so that if the message of your mobile is deleted or any message of your WhatsApp is deleted. Hai, you can bring these two back.

how to restore whatsapp messages on new phone?

So friends, first of all, tell you the first way, so friends, for this you have to first open the Google Play Store in your mobile, after that you will have to open the search option above there, as soon as you open that tab. You will open the tab there, you have to write the name of the app whose name is message recovery and friends, this is what you bring back the deleted messages from your mobile, then friends will search this app as soon as you find it. Now you have to take this app in your mobile.

How to use message recovery apps in mobile?

So friends, as soon as you try this app in your mobile, you have to open it by your mobile. Now as soon as you open this app in mobile, you will be asked for some permissions for this app, so you have to give this app all the permissions. Now you will get an option to scan, there you have to scan, as soon as you scan all the deleted messages of your mobile will start coming back, now you can restore whatever you want to take in your mobile.

How to recover deleted messages on whatsapp?

Now friends, it has become a matter of how you can recover deleted messages from mobile, now you tell us how you can recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, friends, for that you also have to open Google Play Store again and This time you have to search at the top WAMR ji friends, this is the name of the app from which you can easily recover deleted messages on your WhatsApp.

So friends, this was the whole process so that you can easily recover any message deleted on your mobile or WhatsApp, friends, if you liked this trick, then please like this post. And share it with all your friends and by commenting, how did you feel about this post, and follow us to read the posts related to similar technology. Thank you

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