how to recover permanently deleted photos?

Friends, people have asked me this question many times that some photos or videos have been deleted from my mobile, now how can we take them back in our mobile, friends, today this post is on top of how you deleted any You can easily take photos or videos back in mobile, so friends, there are two ways to take any photo or video back in mobile. The first way is in mobile so that you can recover any data from your email. And in the other way, you have to take an application of a data recovery in your mobile so that you can recover any deleted data back.

How to recover deleted photos from gallery

So friends, first of all, tell you how you can recover deleted photos or videos or any document from your mobile gallery, then friends, for that you have to first take an app in your mobile, due to which all your Automatic backup of photos and videos will be divided in your mobile, then even if a document such as a photo or video is deleted from your mobile, still you can easily recover it from your mobile in a few seconds. So friends, let me tell you both ways step by step, how you can recover your mobile data in both these ways.

Can you recover deleted photos from years ago

So friends talk about the first method which happens in our mobile and due to which we can recover our deleted data in a few seconds, then the first thing you should do to use that method is friends Whether or not you have that feature in your mobile, even if that feature will not be in your mobile, still you do not need to take tension, you just have to take a small app, due to that you can also withdraw your deleted photo and video is.

recover files deleted 3 years ago

So friends first of all tell you how to use this method, but friends, there are two ways in this method, one is if you have deleted any data for less than one month, then you can recover it and secondly if your mobile was still years ago If you have deleted any data from this method, in this way you can recover the returns from years ago, first of all you have to open the gallery of your mobile, after that the command at the bottom is that you will get the option of a recent deleted, then you will get that option You have to open it, whatever you give will be deleted in less than a month, they will come back.

Is it possible to recover deleted files?

Now if this feature is not available in your mobile, then you have to open the settings of your mobile as soon as you take the option of setting, then you will get a lot of settings on your mobile, then you have to choose the option of backup and reset. Even if you do not get any tension, you do not have to make any truth in the search bar given above, you will see this option in front of you. Now you have to choose the backup in this option. As soon as you select the backup, you will be asked that Which option do you want to backup, if your photo is deleted then select the photo, if the video is deleted, then select the video and after that start doing recovery then easily return your deleted photos or videos. Will be done.

Best data recovery app in mobile?

If your data does not come back in mobile either of these two ways, then you have to take a small app in mobile. To take that, you have to first open the Play Store in your mobile as soon as you play the Play Store in mobile. You will find a lot of options, now you have to open the search bar given above and write the name of an app there. Dumpster and search as soon as you write the name of this app you will search this app. You will get this app in mobile, after that you have to take this app first, as soon as you take this app in mobile, you have to open and scan your entire data recovery will start. Thank You

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