How to recover permanently deleted photos from android

Friends, all of you will have the same question that how can we take back the old deleted photos of our mobiles in our mobiles? As to how you can easily bring old deleted photos or videos of your mobile back to your mobile, friends, first thing you need to do is to keep a photo recovery app in your mobile, due to which You can easily get your old deleted photos back, so friends, now step by step process tells you how you can do everything.

Recover photos deleted long time ago Android

So friends, there are two ways to recover your old deleted photos, first thing is the first way, then the first way, friends is that you can easily recover your photos using the email ID in your mobile. But for this, you must first remember your email ID. If your mobile gets formatted or accidentally deletes a photo, then you have to go to backup and support where you have the option of Reverie for miles. Understand something

How to restore deleted photos from gallery

So friends, for this you have to first go to your mobile settings, as soon as you go to your mobile settings, you will get the option of backup at the bottom, if you do not get that option, then you will get the option of search bar at the top. Search in the search bar. As soon as you search the backup, you will get this option on the first number there, then as soon as you click on the backup, then you will be asked for your email ID here, then you have to enter your email ID here and Processing will start as soon as you backup and restore all the old deleted data of your mobile will be returned.

Recover deleted photos android internal storage

So friends, till now we were talking to you first way, now let us tell you the second way you can bring back your old deleted photos with the help of an app, so now let us show you the way by which step by step in mobile After taking the app, after that you can bring back all the deleted photos with the help of this app.

how to recover photos by dumpster app

So friends, for this, you have to first open Google Play store in your mobile, as soon as you open the Play Store, you will get an option of search bar at the top, then you have to write Dumpster, this is an app for which you are old You can also bring old deleted photos back to your mobile, then you have to search by writing the name of this app and as soon as you search, you will get a lot of apps, then you have to first take the number app in your mobile. .

How to use photo recovery apps in android mobile phone

So friends, you have to open this app as soon as it comes in mobile, as soon as you open this app, you will get 2 options here, you will get the first option, scan and the second option will be scan by date, then you have to click on the scan like As soon as you click on the scan, the scanning will start in your mobile and no matter how old the deleted photos are, you will be returned to this scanning by mutual, after that select the photo you have to take in your mobile and restore it. As soon as you restore that photo, it will come on your mobile.

How to recover deleted photo and video from computer

So friends were telling you till now that how you can get old old photos deleted in your mobile and now you are going to tell me a trick to bring back old deleted photos and videos from your computer computer. Can. So friends, for this you have to do one thing, first of all, you have to take a data recovery software in your mobile, after that you have to scan it in the data recovery software, after which all the data of your mobile will be deleted. Now restore the photo or video you want to take back in mobile, then that data will come back in your mobile.

So friends, in this way you can easily take any old photo deleted from your mobile with the help of this app through voice, friends, I hope that you would have liked this post and if you liked reading this post If you liked this post, then you will like it and share it with your friends too, and by commenting, you will also tell that if you found this post, then friends, follow us for such new posts. Thank you

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