How to recover deleted phone numbers from whatsapp?

Friends, it often happens to us that an important number is saved in our mobile and sometimes that number is deleted by mistake, at that time we are quite upset that now how do we find this number, now how can we You can call the number from back then, friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you the same way that you can easily find out how to bring the deleted phone number of our mobile back to mobile, then drive friends Now let us talk about this way, friends, there are two ways in which you can bring back the deleted phone number. The first way is that you must save all your mobile numbers on your email and the second way is you You can retrieve your deleted phone number with the help of the app, so let us tell you both ways.

Recover deleted phone numbers android

So friends, the first way in which you have to save all the numbers on your email, for that you have to login with your email ID. First of all, after that you will have to link all your mobile numbers there, all the numbers in your mobile. What will happen to this is that whenever you accidentally delete a number from your mobile, you can auto recover that mobile number from your email back. Now to recover, you have to go to your mobile’s contact settings and there is an option Will have to open the contact email, then your deleted phone number will be recovered easily.

Best mobile app for deleted phone number recovery?

So friends, the first way we told you that way you can recover your phone’s deleted phone number back from your email, but now in the way we are going to tell you, just take a phone number recovery app in your mobile. After that, you just have to scan once, then all the mobile phone numbers that you have on your mobile will be returned to your mobile easily, friends now tell you how to take this app in your mobile and How will you withdraw your mobile delayed phone number with that app?

how to use phone number recovery app in mobile?

So friends, to withdraw all deleted phone numbers in your mobile, first of all you have to open the Play Store in your mobile from where you can easily withdraw all the deleted phone numbers of your mobile, friends first of all The search bar given above has to be opened as soon as you open the search bar again, then you have to write the name of an app there, whose name is phone number recovery, as soon as you write the name of this app there, then you will Search has to be done, as soon as you search, now you will try many mobile apps in front of you, then you have to first take the number app in your mobile.

Now friends, as soon as you take that app in your mobile, after that you have to open this app in your mobile first, now as soon as you take this app in your mobile, you have to open this app first. You will be asked for some permissions as soon as you open the app, in this app, now you have to give all the permissions to this app, as soon as you give all the permissions to this app, then this app will be fully opened in your mobile, as soon as this app is on your mobile If it is fully opened, then you have to tap on the scanned deleted phone number. As soon as you select this option, now you do not have to do anything. All the phone numbers that have been deleted in your mobile will be automatically scanned. All the phone numbers deleted from your mobile in a short time will be returned.

So friends, I hope that in this way you will be able to bring back all the old accidentally deleted phone numbers of your mobile because in this post we have told you everything step by step and explained how you can easily All deleted numbers can be brought back, friends, if you liked this post, then you will like this trick, please like this post and share it with all your friends and to read similar technology related posts, always Do follow. Thank You

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