How to Play Two Songs in One Earphone at Same Time Trick 2021

Friends, all of you must have listened to the ear phone in your mobile, but friends, in which post I am going to tell you a way that you can listen to two music at the same time in the same ear phone, on one side you can listen to different music You can listen and listen to different music on the other side, that means if you have a sad song playing on the left, then you can hear any old song on the right, friends, this is going to be a great trick, now you must be thinking that How will everything be? Friends, in which post today, we will tell you step by step, how you too can listen to two music at the same time in 1 year, then friends, for this you will need a small application, with the help of which you can do all this. I can come to know the other tracks after finding a lot of them and this is very tremendous, which is hat-trick, then friends tell step by step to the dear father, how to give this application to your mobile phone and how to use it.

So friends, first of all to take this application in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play store in your mobile phone, as you all know that when we have to take any application in our mobile phone, then we can use Google Play Use the store, when you open the Google Play store, you get a lot of applications there. Now here in many applications, how did you know what the application is, then you should search in the search bar given above. In order to write in the second, now the first thing to open is to open the search bar, when you will be asked the name of the application there, you have to write there Split Cloud Yes friends this is the name of the application, with the help of which you give at the same time You can listen to music in the same ear phone, friends, as soon as you search by writing Split Cloud, the free application will come to the first number in your mobile phone, then you have to take this application in your mobile phone.

Now friends, as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, you have to open this application first, let’s do some basic permission owner here, then you have to give all your basic permission to this application. You will find an option here on the left which will be in the top and the second option is on the right, now what is the left right, if you click on the left here, then your ear in the left is the left year of the phone. The word of the word is that the song will play in it, and if you select the song, the song that you play in it will play in your right year bud. There are two ways to do this, you can select songs online or if you want to select the songs in your gallery, you can also select songs in the gallery.

You tell me in the morning that when we need it the most, friends, it happens very often that we are with a friend and what we have is the same mobile phone, there is a hair phone and we have different songs. Both want to hear, what happens now that we want to hear something else, if they want to hear something else, then they are unable to listen in 1 year phone, but with the help of this you can listen to two ways of music in the same phone. And this is a very good and very good way, a lot of people have liked this method a lot, so I hope that you too are going to like it a lot friends, if you have posted this trick, if you liked the method, if you liked it. If you like this post, share it with all your friends, comment it, and tell you if there is any question related to this post, and friends, you can also follow us to read new posts related to the same technology.

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