How to make video from photos with music in mobile trick 2021

Friends, we all take photos from our mobile phones and later we want to edit those photos and convert them into videos and friends many people have asked me how we can create a slideshow of the head photo and how to edit music in it. You can put friends, it has become quite normal nowadays, many people are making videos from photos, adding music to it, or if someone’s birthday, then make a slideshow video by collaborating their photos in one place with music. Send it to me and friends, many people have asked me that I can make videos by adding photos, friends with music, in which post today we are going to tell you everything that is step by step, will read this post well and all Some step by step will be understood.

How do I make a slideshow of pictures?

So friends, as I told you about the photo slideshow video, to make it friends, first of all you need an application in your mobile phone 200 Nowadays, many mobile phones have become advanced, so the technology has become very advanced. In many new mobile phones you get this feature already, but in the old mobile phones, this feature is not provided, then friends, today we will tell you 2 ways so that you can easily add your photos in one place, slide show with music You can make a video, so friends, let us first tell you the first way, then after that we will tell you the second way how to make a slideshow video by adding photos.

What is the best free Slideshow Maker?

So friends, which is the first way as I told you that happens in your mobile phone, then for that you have to first go to the settings of your mobile here, as soon as you open the settings, you go to the settings in many mobile phones. There you also get an option of search bar in the top, Abdul is a lot of settings, so maybe you have time to find that setting, then you can search more in the top here, so first of all you have to search You have to open the search bar at the top and you have to write there media settings. As soon as friends where you search media settings, then you will have media and storage settings in your mobile. Now 200 you have to open that setting as soon as that If you open the setting, then you will get two options there, a photo and a video, if you want to edit the photo, then you have to select the photo and if you want to edit the video, you can do that too, friends here. You have to select Photo Editing Photo Editing, you can select it in the media in your mobile phone. There are many photos that you want to edit, you have to select them, after chatting, click on OK, then automatic slide show video will be made in your mobile, now if you want to share, you can do that too.

So friends, this was the first way, with the help of which you can easily go to the settings of your mobile and make a slideshow video of photos, now others tell you here, in the second way, how you can make a slideshow video of photos and 200 friends with friends here will tell you about this application. Many people will not have this setting in their mobile phones because friends who are from new mobile phones have this setting in them which is not given in this setting from old mobile phones. So friends here, what you have to do is that if you do not have this setting in your mobile phone, if you are not able to find this setting in your mobile phone, then you have to open Google Play Store in your mobile phone. Now friends like your You will open Google Play Store in mobile phone, here you will find a lot of applications, now I am going to tell you about that application with which you can easily edit photos and make slideshow videos.

So friends to take this application in your mobile phone, as I told you to open the Google Play store and open the search bar at the top, you will edit the video there, friends on your mobile will give you this application To take in mobile phone, as soon as you get this application mobile phone, you have to open it. After opening, some media storage will ask for related permission, then you have to give this application all the permission and after giving all permission, the application will The mobile phone will be fully generated and the application opens, here you have to send whatever photos you want to edit, after selecting the photos, here you have to set the music which You want to add music to it, after that you have to click on Done and your slideshow video with photos will be ready in a short time. Now you can save it on your mobile phone and share it on Facebook WhatsApp. If you have liked all of them, then you will like all your friends Will share with you and comment and tell me how did you like this post, always read such new technology related post, do not forget to follow us thank you

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