How to fix mobile hanging & heating problem in android.

Friends, we all use mobile phones but many people have asked me why my mobile phone hangs or why it gets hot while driving my mobile phone or why my mobile phone battery runs out so soon All these questions have been asked to me a lot of times and I am in today’s post to answer these questions and I have come to tell you some ways that all the problems of your mobile will go away like if the mobile is hot or not. If the mobile hangs again, or if your mobile battery is not working properly, then for this post I am going to tell you some ways.

So friends, firstly I will tell you some settings of your mobile, after that I will tell you about an application, with the help of which you can save your mobile from getting hanged, can prevent it from heating up, it can protect the virus that interferes with your mobile phone. And it is very good that this is a trick, you first talk about the mobile settings, first of all you have to open the settings of your mobile, now as soon as you open the settings of the mobile here, after that it will be quite here You will get all the options but here you have the option of a cleaner which is in your mobile, now if you do not get the settings, then you have to open the search bar given above and there you have to write the settings in the cleaner like you If you write a cleaner, then a cleaner will come in your mobile phone, friends, you have to click on the first clean and your mobile will be cleaned.

Now friends, I tell you what is the main reason for your mobile phone to hang, now friends, our mobile phone hangs because our mobile phone storage becomes more, now when the storage of your mobile phone will be more, then your mobile If the phone will hang automatically, then for this you have to keep in mind that the storage of your mobile is minimized. I told you about this cleaner setting so that you can go to your mobile settings and you can change your mobile Keep clean now what to do is to go to your mobile settings again and you have to go to the storage settings about this story setting you will get the phone settings on your mobile. You will get an option of data which you have to open and there you have to see whether your mobile storage is too much.

Now friends, this is done, after storage and cleaning, now friends come on this topic that why your mobile phone gets hot, now there can be many reasons for mobile phone heating, which is also one of the reasons that People use their mobile phones by charging, now what happens if your mobile phone gets hot due to overloading on your mobile phone, as I told you that many people put your mobile phone on charging Watching tax and videos, play games, in such a situation, your mobile phone battery gets hot, so never put your mobile phone on charging, during that time you don’t use your mobile phone or play games and anytime When the charging percentage of the mobile phone is less than 15 percent, then only charge your mobile phone and never keep your mobile phone on charging for too long after full charge, it can also damage your mobile battery.

Friends then tells about an application from where you can clean your mobile phone virus, first of all you have to open your mobile phone’s play store and there you have to open the search bar at the top. You have to write the virus as soon as you write the virus center, this application of 2021 will come on the top of your mobile phone, now you have to take this application in your mobile and as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone then you Let us open it now, we will ask for some basic permission here, through this application, you have to give all the permission, after giving permission, friends here, you get a lot of options, such as cleaning your mobile. Related to whoever has duplicate files in your mobile phone or how they are here, everything that is here will make you clean the mobile phone, after that, he can see the temperature of the mobile here, what is the temperature of the SIM of your mobile phone here But antivirus sometimes gives you an option, so that you can protect your mobile phone more securely. Can keep us safe.

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