How to find lost mobile phone quickly new trick 2021

Friends, it often happens with all of us that our mobile phone is lost somewhere or it is lost by mistake, then at that time we get very upset because you also know how expensive mobile phones have become nowadays and We will feel very bad if the mobile phone that we buy now with so much effort is lost, so in today’s post I have come up with a trick so that your lost mobile phone or if you have accidentally left your mobile phone somewhere. So you can easily find out about your mobile phone, where it is also, you can find out who has it, then friends, read this post carefully and you will understand the stick in a good way, only then you can go to your lost or stolen Can easily find the mobile phone.

How can I trace my lost phone?

So friends, first of all let’s talk about what you have to do to use this check, then it is a very easy way friends, quite easily you can find your lost mobile phone with the help of this trick, now friends, what is this nutrick? First, let me explain to you a lot, friends, here is an application with the help of which you can track the location of your lost mobile phone and there friends who may have taken your mobile phone or whatever you have stolen on your mobile phone. It will happen if you try to unlock your mobile phone, then its photo will come in your mobile, then friendship is very good and very good, with the help of which you can easily find your mobile phone, so now you have to go to that application. How to get it in your mobile phone, how to set up and how to use it, they tell everything here.

Can I track my lost phone if it is switched off?

So friends, first of all, to get this application in your mobile phone, you have to open Google Play Store here, now as soon as you open Google Play Store here, you get many applications here and as you know That we open the Google Play Store to take any application in our mobile phone, now what will you do here, there you will find many applications, in the top you will get the option of search bar where you can find the application there. You can search and write Abdul so first of all what you have to do is that as soon as you open the government, you have to write lockwatch, yes friends, this is the application with the help of which you can easily find your lost mobile. First of all, they tell you how to setup the application, how to get it in your mobile.

How can I find my lost phone by IMEI?

So friends, after taking this application in your mobile phone, where what you have to do is to allow this application to be installed, now as soon as that application comes completely in your mobile phone, then you have to open this application like Only friends, you will open this application in your mobile phone, here you do not have to do much, just you do not have to remove this application from your mobile phone, now friends, as soon as you have this application on your mobile phone, then your Whatever basic permission will be in the mobile phone, it will be asked from you here, then you have to give all the basic permissions to this application, only after that the application needs your email id from you, then friends who have the email id login in your mobile phone, the same email id You have to enter here or whatever email id will be in your mobile phone, it will be shown to you there, you have to select it, after doing this you do not have to do anything about this application, you have to keep this application in your mobile phone and close it here. Have to do it now friends, I tell you that if your mobile phone is somewhere If it is lost or stolen by someone, then how can you find this mobile phone.

Can I use GPS to find my lost phone?

Friends, as soon as someone takes over your mobile phone or your mobile phone is left somewhere, then the first thing to do is try to open the lock of your mobile phone, now whoever will try to open the lock of your mobile phone the most. First you will get a photo on your mobile phone email, whoever has tried to open you mobile phone and how many minutes after how many seconds he has tried to open it from which location it is trying to open Everything will go to your email like this if you tried to open it then you can find out by login your friend’s or your other mobile email id password that your mobile is stolen or who you have then I hope All of you must have liked this post, friends, if all of you have liked this post, then like and share it with all your friends, thank you.

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