How to delete my mobile number from friend mobile trick 2021

Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you a way that you can easily delete your mobile number from his mobile, this friendship is going to be a trick and it is going to be much better, why a lot of people have asked me. Sir, how can we delete our number from his mobile phone without taking his friend’s mobile, friends, this is a very easy way, but not many people know about this method, so today, let’s read this beat completely If you understand the way, you can easily delete your mobile number, now friends, we need it when we do not want to talk to anyone or we want someone to contact us in such a situation You can easily delete your mobile number from his mobile phone.

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So friends, to use this trick, you will first need an application and how that application works. First let me explain to you, first of all friends, as you know, we all have our mobile numbers saved on email and Friends, as soon as you login your email ID in your mobile phone, all your mobile numbers come in the same way, then in this application, you just have to enter your email ID, enter the email ID, all the contact numbers of your mobile phone All the contact numbers will sleep on you, now you want to delete, then you can easily delete that number, if you delete that number from here, the number that is there will be deleted, friends tell that this application How to take your mobile phone and how to use it.

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So friends, to take this application in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play Store in your mobile phone, now you will know everything the same that we have to use any application in your mobile phone to take the Google Play Store If you need Abdul, you only know that as soon as you open the Google Play Store, there are a lot of applications there, now what you have to do from that is that first of all you have to open the search bar at the top there. There is a lot, but we do not find the application that you want but here you have to search on Google contacts. If you search Google contact, then the official app of Google Contact will come in your mobile.

How do I remove my number from someone else’s WhatsApp?

Abdul, as soon as you take that application in your mobile phone and adopt it here, you will be asked for allow option here, then you are applying it here. If you open it, you will get 1 plus I card at the bottom, please right click for that class, then here you will be asked to enter the email ID first, then you have to enter the email ID where the email ID is where your friend If you want to delete your number from your mobile, then first of all you should know his email ID. Now friends like you know the email ID, then friends here have to put that email ID on you. If you give an email ID, then as soon as you click on OK, you will see all the contacts of its mobile here.

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Now friends, as you can see all the contacts here, you can select any contact here, all the contacts as friends are from Google’s email, so if you delete 200 numbers from here, then She will then be deleted from her mobile phone too, so it was her way so that you can easily delete your mobile number from the mobile of the one you do not want to talk to, then you will like and want such technology. If you have always been reading related posts, then like this post, share it with your friends, comment and tell me how did you like the post. Friends, you can follow us back to read similar new posts, thank you

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