how to change normal photo to live photo trick 2021

Friends, you must have seen a lot of photos, but friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell such a way that you can see the photo live, that means you can make life the photo of you, your photo which is in the moment. Will definitely bring your photo as if your photo is absolutely alive, then friends if you learn this trick and if you show such life moments photo to someone, then he will be shocked to see it, then friends very good and very good trick Have to learn this trick carefully and read this post completely, then friends first of all tell you what is this trick, friends, how is it track in which your photo will be put in an application and after putting it in that application you Let’s come in the photo moment that means that you will start seeing your life photo completely.

Can you turn a normal photo into a live photo?

So friends, first of all, before learning this trick, let me tell you that you have to take the help of an application, now how to take that application in your mobile phone and what is the process of this application. Step you have to do, then you can use this application, that is everything that we are going to tell you in today’s post, so friends first of all told you that you can like your photo by using this application on your mobile. How to take, what settings you have to do in this app and how it will work in your mobile phone, then 200 first tells you how to take this application in your mobile phone, after that tell you the further process here are

How do I change Photos to live Photos?

So friends, first of all, to get this application in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play Store, now as soon as you open the Google Play Store here, you will see many applications here and friends as you know That in order to get any application in your mobile phone, here we have to open the Google Play Store, Google Play Store and where you want to find an application, you have to first go to the top search of the Play Store and friends. As soon as you meet the search bar, you will be asked the name of the application there, so there you have to write My Heritage Take it in your mobile phone and as soon as the application comes in your mobile phone in full way, now we tell you in front of it.

How do I change my iPhone to live Photos?

so friends, after taking the application in mobile, first you have to open the application and two will come in front of you, here you will have the option of sign up for three and the second option is login, then you have to click on sign up like you If you click on it, you will be asked whether you want to do it from Facebook or Google’s email id, then you have to select Google’s email id or you can also do it from Facebook Abdul, as soon as you do how much. If you take it, then some steps will come in front of you, in which your name, your date of birth, your father’s name, your mother’s name and some details will be asked from you, then you have to fill all those details here , now as soon as you get all the details here But if you fail in 3:00 or 4:00 state, then only after doing that the application will be fully opened in your mobile.

How do you make multiple pictures into a live photo?

Now friends, as soon as the application comes completely in your mobile phone, then friends, here you have to select your name, after selecting the name, there will be a way option like if you click on the tree, then where you have to upload the photo. If it is said, then you friends, you have to put the photo here, which you want to live, if you want to see it live, then if you want to bring that photo alive, then you have to put that photo, after putting the photo, you have an option above. Due to the animation, friends will click on the animation, then your photo which is there will automatically start animate there and in a while your photo which is here to be seen live will start, tell if you will see your photo. So you will know exactly what your photo is saying here, friends, I hope you have liked this post, you can follow us to read posts from similar technology and share this trick with friends. Thank you

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