How do you share your location with someone?

Friends, this post today is going to be very important for girls, friends, in this post, I am going to talk about the safety of girls, girls who are in the house of all of us, as a sister, as a wife. All of our families are women, so for the safety of them, this post I am writing today, in this post, I am going to tell you a way that if any woman of your family member is going, then their mobile I have to put this application as soon as you put this application in their mobile and they are traveling somewhere or somewhere in the market or going to a secluded place, then if they feel unsafe there She can use this application to tell you that I am in trouble. As soon as she opens this application and clicks it, her current location will appear on your Google map so that you will easily know where it is now.

How do I share my location using Google Maps?

So friends, I found it very special for you, so I thought that you should also tell everyone about this application so that you too can protect the family in your home with the help of this application. The most special thing in this application Is that you can find out in one click, which person of your family member is there, where is someone still in trouble, or is he late sometimes, if we get upset when someone comes home, then in their location We can easily find out, friends, now let me tell you everything step by step, how do you have to take this application in your mobile, how do you have to make settings in this application, how do you have to use this application because friends when Till you do not know all these things, then you cannot use this application, so let us tell you everything step by step in this post today.

How do I share my location on WhatsApp?

So friends, in order to take this application in your mobile, you have to first open the Google Play Store in your mobile, friends, before telling you how to take this application in your mobile, I want to give you some information about this application and Friends, this application or application is a highly trusted company application, whose name is Trucaller, you must have heard the name and we all use this application, but it is not a TruCallerbut the company of Trucaller has given this application. By using this, you can easily find out when and where your family member is, whether he is safe or not, you can find out everything through this application, so friends as I told you to Google Play Store After opening in mobile, you will see a lot of applications there, so you have to open the search bar at the top because unless you do not search this application, hardly you will not find the application, then you open the search bar at the top Now you have to do 200 as soon as you government You will have to write in there, you have to write Guardian Parsonel and you have to search yes yes friends this is the name of this application and as soon as you search this application for Guardian Personal List, you will get a question or friends, first of all you will get this Take the application to your mobile phone.

How do I share my location with someone on iPhone?

Now friends, as soon as you take this application in your mobile, first of all you have to open this application, as soon as you open, you will get a lot of options in this application, then there will be an option to enter the mobile number, then you will Here you have to enter your mobile number as if you have used the TruCaller before, then you will know that as soon as we take the TruCaller in our mobile phone and after that we put our number there then one in our mobile OTP comes in the same way, as soon as you enter your number in this application, you will have an OTP, after entering the number you have to verify the OTP and after that you have to select your date of birth here Will open in front of you now friends, as soon as the application opens completely in your mobile, you will first get an option at the bottom here, as soon as you click on the needle, your location will be shared here but this The application gives you the help of your sister or your help or your wife’s mob You have to put it in the file so that whenever he is in a problem, whenever he is in some place where he is feeling insecure, then at that time you need help and he can tell you that I am at this place. And I am currently stuck in the problem, so at that time you can help them easily.

How can I find someones location without them knowing?

So friends, I hope that now you have understood that by using this application, you can protect your family members and after understanding this trick, you can easily take care of any member in your family. So it is a very good application as I told you that I use this God-friend, if you have liked this trick, then you will like this post, please do this trick with all your friends. Do share, if you have any question related to this post, then you will definitely tell us by writing in the comment and friends, you can also follow us to always read posts related to such technology. Thank you

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