How do you find out an unknown number?

Friends, a lot of people have asked me how we can find out about an unknown number, because friends often happen to us that a call comes from an unknown number on our mobile, so at that time there are many Questions arise such as, whose will be this call, whose number will be whose call will be raised or not, such a lot of questions, friends, I am going to answer these questions to you all through this post, in this post, I will tell you everything. Who is going to know all the information about the name of any unknown number or where it lives, so friends, now tell you everything step by step.

Can I search a number on TrueCaller?

So friends, to find out all this, first of all you have to take an app in your mobile, due to which you can find out all this and friends, the most important thing of this app is that once you get this app, I take it and set everything up, after that you do not need to search any number repeatedly on it, just call or message from any unknown number on your mobile, then tell you automatically Degi, what is the name of the person who called you and where is he talking from.

How to use truecaller in whatsapp?

Not only this, friends, you can use this app in WhatsApp or Facebook, for this, you will have to make a setting in your truecaller, as soon as you make that setting, then whenever you get a message on your WhatsApp from which unknown number, then this app With the help of, you will easily know whose message it is, then friends, to do that setting, you have to open Truecaller, after that you will get the option of three dots at the top, then you have to top it as soon as you top it. If you will, the settings of your truecaller account will be opened, now you have to go to General Settings, as soon as you open General Settings, you will get the option of WhatsApp Identification, then you have to enable that option as soon as you enable that option for your life. Will also work for WhatsApp.

how can you find someone’s phone number?

Now friends tell you how to take this truecaller app in your mobile and how to setup everything, friends, for that you have to first open the playstore in your mobile as soon as you open the playstore, now you have a lot of there If you get the apps, then you have to choose the search option given above and write it there, and search truecaller and as soon as you search by writing the name of this app, then you will get this app in front of you, now take this app in your mobile Take means to install.

How to set up truecaller App

So friends, it is a matter of taking the truecaller app in your mobile, now tells you how to set up this app in your mobile, as soon as you try these apps in your mobile, you have to open it now open As soon as you get this mobile number from you, then you have to put your mobile number on it, as soon as you put your mobile number on it, a call will come on your mobile for verification, so you don’t have to take that call if you If you pick up the call, the preference will be spread, so take care not to pick up the call, after that the call will be cut in a short time, after that it will start working on your mobile.

Can I search a number on TrueCaller?

Friends, a lot of people have also asked me if we can find a mobile number in truecaller to find out whose number it is or who is the owner of that number, then the answer is yes, because you know both ways. You can apply it manually and automatically, then friends, you must have understood the meaning of automatic, now you tell us how you can manually find out about a number on the truecaller, then for that you first open the truecaller app in your mobile. After that, you will find a search bar option in the top auto, you have to open the search bar and that you have to write the number you want to find out about.

So friends, I have liked that you must have liked this post and you must have understood everything about truecaller, how to take this app in your mobile, how to set it up, then how did you find out everything with the help of this app If you like this post, then friends, please like this post, share it with all your friends and comment on how you liked this post and you will like to read the posts related to new technology. Do not forget to follow. Thank you

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