How do I use my camera as a fingerprint scanner?

Friends, a lot of people have asked me this question that how can we use our mobile like fingerprint scanner, Friends, in this post today, we will tell you the same way how you can use your mobile for fingerprint scanner. Friends, first of all I want to tell you that you will never get this function in your mobile, I mean that no Android phone already has this feature. But it is possible that this feature will come in Android phones in the coming times.

So friends, now you must be thinking that if this feature is not in our Android mobile phone, then how can we apply this trick in our mobile, then friends, you need a small mobile app to apply this trick in your mobile phone. You will need that you can easily apply this trick of fingerprinting scanner in your mobile. So friends, now let us tell you how you can make your mobile camera a fingerprint shooter by taking this app in your mobile.

So friends, for that you have to first open the Google Play store in your mobile as soon as you open the Play store, after that you will get an option at the top of the search, then you have to open this option of the search bar as soon as you search bar You will be asked the name of the app, then you have to enter the name of the app there. As soon as you lock the name, you will search the app before you, then you have to take this app in your mobile.

What is the best fingerprint lock screen app?

Now after taking the friends application in your mobile, you have to open this app first, as soon as you open this app, you will be asked for some permissions, in this app, you have to allow all the permissions to this app like Only you will open it in your mobile, it will be fully open in your mobile. Now when this app is fully opened, after that you will now get the camera option there, then you have to put your finger on your camera as soon as the camera But finger will keep your camera working like fingerprint scanner.

how can I lock my mobile camera?

Now friends ask me a lot of questions also, how can we lock the camera of our mobile, so dot is very easy, you can lock your mobile camera in 2 ways, so let’s talk first. The first way is friends, the first way is that if your mobile has the feature of taking, then you can easily lock the camera of your mobile, this is the first way, now let’s talk about the other way, if your App lock is not a feature in mobile, so you can lock your mobile camera by taking any app lock app in mobile from play store, now friends tell both these methods in detail.

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So friends first of all, the first way is if you have the feature to lock the app in your mobile first, then how can you lock your mobile camera, then the first thing you have to do is go to the settings of your mobile. You have to go to the option of lock and security, in the bottom there you will get the option of app lock, if you do not get this option, then you can easily come true in the search bar above in the settings, you will get the option of app lock.

So friends, as soon as you get this app lock setting in your mobile, then you have to open that setting, as soon as you open the app lock setting, you will see all the apps on your mobile there, now you will not only the camera but You can lock whatever app you want to lock on your mobile.

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So friends, now the first way to lock your mobile camera or any app is to tell you the second way, in which you take a small app in your mobile, you can also use any other app on your mobile camera. If you can lock it, let us tell you another way.

So friends, for this you have to first open your mobile’s play store, after that you have to search at the top there, as soon as you write the app lock, you will search a lot of mobile options in front of you, then you will get the first app on your mobile As soon as you take this app, you have to open it in your mobile, if you will be asked for some permissions, then you have to give it all as soon as you give all the permissions, after that you will be able to use your mobile camera or Then also can also lock the app.

So friends, I hope that you have liked the information given by this us and you will be satisfied after reading this post, friends, if you liked this post then like the post and share it with your friends too. Thank you

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