How do I set a special ringtone on my Android?

Friends, all of you will have ringtone on your mobile, but in today’s post, I am going to tell you a way that you can put a ringtone in your mobile, so that whenever a call comes on your mobile, at that time You will ring a new ringtone, meaning that you will set the ringtone the same, but whenever a call comes, you will get to hear a new ringtone, so friends, now you can tell everything step by step how you can easily get this ringtone in your mobile You can set friends, to set this ringtone, first of all you have to take one in your mobile, so let’s now tell you how you want to take it.

Which is best ringtone for mobile?

So friends, to take this ringtone in your mobile, you must first open the Play Store in the mobile, so that you all know that whenever we have to get a new app, we search the Google Play Store and then Take the app in your mobile, in the same way, you have to open the play store first, after that you will find a lot of options in your mobile, then you have to select the search bar given above as soon as you open the search bar. You will search this app, you will find that app in front of you, then you have to open the search bar first, then now you have to write there randtune, yes friends, you have to search by writing this as soon as you search this app. This app will come in front of you, now friends, you have to take this app in your mobile.

How do I increase the ringtone on my phone?

Now friends, as soon as you have this app in your mobile, you should open this app in your mobile, now as soon as you open this app in your mobile, now as soon as you open this app in your mobile, you will find some of this app here Permissions will have to be given as soon as you give all the permissions to this app, then this app will be fully opened in your mobile, now you will get a lot of ringtones here, so set any one ringtone but whenever you call on your mobile If you come, you will hear different ringtones on your mobile, then friends, this is a very fun trick because what happens many times that whenever a call comes on our mobile, we get quite bored hearing the same ringtone again and again. I am telling you this ringtone trick.

how do I set a ringtone for incoming calls to my music?

Now friends, I am going to tell you that if you take any ringtone in your mobile, then how can you set that music in your ringtone because many people have asked me this question, how can we You can set music to a ringtone, so friends, there are two ways to set a ringtone in your mobile. In this post today, we are going to tell you both ways, so let’s tell you the first way, then you need to open your mobile settings As soon as you open your settings, you have to go to the phone settings, now you will open the phone settings from there, you will get a ringtone settings option, if you do not find this option there, you can also search above. You will get this option as soon as you search in the search bar given in

How to set any ringtone from file manager in android mobile?

Now friends, as soon as you get this setting, you will also get an option to set music here, so you have to choose the music, now all the problems in your mobile will be present in front of you, now whichever you set for your ringtone. Wants you can now friends, this was the first way, now the second way is to tell you the second way is very easy, friends, for that you just have to go to your file manager where you have taken your music in your mobile, now you can select that music There is the music that you want to set for your ringtone, after that you have to click on the three dots in the side and then set as ringtone so that the ringtone will be set in your mobile.

So friends, I hope that now you can set this ringtone very easily in your mobile, be…

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