How do I send my location via WhatsApp?

Friends, even today, there are many WhatsApp users who do not know how to share our location on WhatsApp, they just know if chatting on WhatsApp or sharing any media, then friends are writing for their same friends in this video of today. If you want to share your location on WhatsApp, then it is quite easy to share the location on friends WhatsApp, for that you just have to open WhatsApp in your mobile, after which you share your photo or video, that is why you share a location There is also an option in WhatsApp, so you can easily share your location to someone on your apps.

How do I share my current location?

Friends, this is done, WhatsApp now tells you another way by which you can also share your location directly with the help of Google map, so friends, for this you have to first open the Play Store in your mobile as soon as you are in mobile You will open the Google map, you will get an option there, first of all you want to go wherever you want to go and you can find it by searching the location and if you want to see your current location then you will be shown a blue dot in the map So if you have your own location, you can easily share the app, to share, you will get the option of three dots, then you have to select it and click on the share, then select the contact that you own Want to share location

Why can’t I share my location on WhatsApp?

Now friends have also asked me that why we are not able to share our location on WhatsApp, friends, it happens so often that our WhatsApp is not updated so this feature is not in our WhatsApp or sometimes the network There can also be a problem with which we want to share on WhatsApp, but due to lack of network, sometimes if we are unable to share our location on WhatsApp, then this can also be a reason. So friends, whenever you use WhatsApp or want to share your location somewhere, then check your mobile network well once.

How to off GPS in mobile setting?

Friends, there is also a question of people that how can we turn off GPS in our mobile, now friends, why people want to keep it off, there is a lot of reasons, the first reason is that if we turn off the GPS services in our mobile If you keep the battery usage of our mobile the most, then there are many people who want to keep GPS off due to this reason and friends, till our mobile has GPS, anyone can easily track us on the map. If there is a reason for this, well now we tell you how to turn off this setting in your mobile.

So friends, to turn off this setting, first of all you have to open the settings in your mobile. As soon as you open the settings in your mobile, there will be a lot of options that you can do in the settings but you have to go down And at the bottom you will find a location services option, you have to find that option, if you do not get that option, then you can also search in the top, you have to open the search bar at the top first and type on the location and search You have to do this as soon as you search, this setting of location services will be opened in front of you, after that you have to open this setting, as soon as you open this setting, you will get the option of GPS here, then you just have to turn that setting off Have to pay tax.

So friends, in this way you can share your location on WhatsApp and turn off the settings of your GPS, friends, I am glad that you may have liked this post, you would have liked this trick, if you liked this post then Like this post, you will share it with your friends and also by commenting, tell us how you liked this video and follow us for new posts related to similar technology. Thank you

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