How do I make my camera take better pictures in android

Friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell you some such methods which are going to be very useful in your daily life. Many times it happens with friends that we go somewhere, go for a walk somewhere, then live somewhere. At the time, friends are everywhere cameras are installed, as you know, now many such cameras have come in the market, such settings have also come so that you can shoot any video without turning on the camera and friends have a lot. Applications have also come in our mobile phones in which the screen of our mobile will be off but still the shooting of videos from mobile will continue, now friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you that if there is such a setting on your mobile then How can you find it or how can you do it with the help of the application.

How can I take better pictures with my phone?

Or if somewhere a video is being shot without the mobile screen on, then how can you find out there or friends, many times it happens that we go somewhere as I told you then there But light cameras are engaged, now how can you find out if light cameras are in sight of the camera, so friends, in this post of yours, I am going to tell you everything step by step, this post will have to be completed in a good way. Will understand and secondly, here I am going to tell you the way everything is here, so friends first of all talk like I have told you how a video suits without turning on the mobile screen, so here first of all I will tell you the way how you can do it, after that I will tell you that if someone shoots with the camera without turning on the screen, you can find out.

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So now friends, first of all let’s talk about the first number in which I told you how you can shoot video on whatever you are without turning on the screen of the mobile, with the help of an application for friends, you can do it. First of all, to get this application in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play Store in your mobile phone, now as soon as you open the Google Play Store, you will get many applications here already, now friends, what do you have? First of all, to take the application in your mobile, you have to open the search bar here and search here about the search, I have asked the name of that application, I will tell you where you can be.

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So friends, first of all, to search the application that you are there, open the rider here and after opening the in-laws’ house, what is here, you have to write about the search on us, as soon as friends, the light camera is here. Friends, as soon as the application comes, then you have to take this application in your mobile phone, now as soon as the application is taken in the mobile phone, then some basic permission will be asked here, through this application, you will be given permission in all the places. Now, as soon as you give permission, only then the application will be fully opened in your mobile phone, now friends, after opening the application, you will get three icons, your first one will become of you video, the second one will become of you photo and The third one is the one where you can see your done videos and photos in the gallery.

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So friends, in this way, if you type on the video here, without turning on the screen of your mobile, video recording will start here, the item which is on the second number, if you type on it, then here without automatic When the screen of your mobile is on, the photo will be taken from the mobile here, abdus, let’s talk about the second number trick, so here in the second number matriculation from the posts, you have to process the same and a separate application, you have not got your mobile phone. Now friends, what is the name of that application, I will tell you here, here you have to write this time Camera Detector This friends, as soon as you see the camera detector, the application will come to you on the first number in your mobile phone, this application will be given to you on your mobile You will have to give it in the phone, you will be told about it, then friends, I hope you would have liked this post, if you have liked the trick, then if you have liked this trick and this post address, then you will like and share it with all your friends. share thank you

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