How do I make incoming calls secure?

Friends, it happens to me very often that someone’s call comes on our mobile phone and at that time we are not present there and someone else takes that call which we do not like at all and we do not want our Someone else raised a personal call because friends, that call can be made by anyone, maybe that call is from your private number, then at that time we would not like that if someone raised the call on our mobile phone then friends In this post I am going to tell you one such way So that no one besides you will be able to pick up the call on your mobile phone, friends, for this you will first have to take a small app in your mobile phone, like you had earlier about the incoming call lock facility. You must have heard, but now we have brought something new, some new ways are going to tell you so that you can lock the incoming calls on your mobile in a new way.

How can I hide my incoming call no?

So friends, first of all, as I told you that you have to take an app in your mobile phone, now how to take that app, how to use this application, everything in this post today, we are going to tell you, friends. First of all, to take this app in your mobile phone, you have to open the Google Play store in your mobile phone, as you know that when we use any app in our mobile phone, then we will use it to take the Google Play Store. But if you go then you also have to go to Google Play Store And there you will find a lot of your cations, so for this you have to first open the Google Play store and open the search bar above there, now friends after opening the search bar, you will find the application there. Name is to search the name of the application is Coach Village, as soon as you friends search by writing the name of this application, then this application will come to the first number in your mobile.

How do I turn on Caller ID for incoming calls?

Friends, as soon as this application is visible in your mobile phone, then you have to take this application in your mobile phone. Now after coming to friends mobile phone, you have to make some settings in this application, which is very important from the settings until those settings You will not do it in your mobile phone or the application will not work properly in your mobile phone, nor will a trick work in your mobile phone, so now you have to understand carefully what we are going to tell you and how to use this application. To do That too we will tell you step by step, friends, first of all you have to open the apprehension of Sample after taking it into the mobile. In applications, some basic permission is sought, the same permission will be sought from you here.

How can I show only incoming call names?

Friends, here you have to give all the permission, after giving permission, there will be a setting of apps filled with friends, then friends, you have to enable that setting, if that setting is turned off in your mobile then that setting is the first To turn on now, as soon as you turn on that setting, you have to click on the next button below. Now after clicking on the button of another, you will come across a lot of applications in which even the application of 5 grams If given then in front of that application If you want to fix on the button of tick, Abdul fixes it, here is the option of next, then you have to do it again, after the next, you will get 5 options in this application, in those 5 options you will get a pattern lock. Pin lock and all people’s systems will be found here, so you have to choose the lowest option.

How can I show only incoming call names?

Let’s suck the lowest option here, then everyone will be told how to block the calls coming to your mobile through this application. If you have installed it in your mobile phone, then in the same way you have to do everything step by step settings, after that you can easily lock the incoming calls on your mobile in such a way that nobody will even know that In your mobile phone Incoming call is not locked and no one will be able to pick up the call on your mobile phone. Very good and very good way friends. I hope you all have liked this trick, then you will like this post. Share with your friends, you will comment, tell how you liked this post and you can follow us for similar new technology related posts, Thank you

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