How do I convert MP4 to MP3 on my phone?

Friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you a way that you can easily convert any video to MP3. Many people asked me that we can do any video from our mobile in just 1 minute. How to convert MP3 to friends Video and MP3 we all have in mobile but friends many times it happens to us that we have a video which we want to make MP3 version and we can convert that MP3 version to any of our If you want to use it in video, it happens often with us, then today this post is up to someone how you can easily convert any video to MP3 from your Android mobile, then to adopt this method, first of all you need a I will have to take a small application in my mobile, which is the name of that application, Video to MP3 converter, I am going to tell you.

How do I convert video to MP3?

To MP3 friends video, first of all, like I told you that you have to take an application in your mobile phone, a friend, now I explain to you the difference between video and MP3 friends. When we watch it on our mobile phone, it is any video that contains the sound that we want to hear only in audio form or if you want to make it in audio form, then we can call it MP3 or else Audio can also say just how you can do a video to audio converter, so this is what it means and you can make it very easy to process from your own mobile by simply extracting only the audio from that video and converting it to MP3. Is Now you tell me how you have to take that application in your mobile phone.

Which app converts video to audio?

You friends, to take this application in your mobile phone, you must first open the Google Play Store in your mobile phone, now friends, what is the Google Play Store, you will all know that Google Play Store is such a Google application where If we take any application for our Android phone in mobile, then it is in the mobile of all of us from Google, you just have to open the Google Play Store and there are many mobile applications as soon as you open it. Now at that time, what the father has to do there is that you will get an option in the top of the search bar com, then you have to open that option of 7 times. Now, as soon as you open the option of 200 search times, write to you there There is video to mp3 converter or you can also write video to audio converter and you have to search as soon as you write this.

How do I convert video to audio?

Now friends, as soon as you search by writing so many applications will be shown to you after searching in your mobile phone, but I will tell you that the application that you saw on the first number, which has a good rating, has got more and more people. You have to understand about the application that you have taken in your mobile phone, after reading it well, only then you have to take that application in your mobile phone, then the first number that you can see in your mobile phone. Take it.

What is the best MP4 to MP3 Converter?

Now friends, as soon as the scene for you comes in your mobile phone, you have to first open that application in your mobile, as soon as you open the application, a lot of permissions will be sought from you through the application, but all those permissions are normal permissions which That you are asked by every application, you have to first like all the permissions demanded by that application, now as soon as friends make the first o of the missions on them, then it will open in your mobile phone completely for you. Now other applications open, you have to first import any of your videos whose audio you want or any video you want to make MP3, now how to import there, you will get an option of direct files on it. You have to click as you click there, then you will see the gallery of your mobile, now friends, you want to convert the audio of the video from the gallery or you want to convert it to MP3, first of all take it there.

How do I convert YouTube videos to MP3 on my PC?

Now friends, as soon as you add the video you want to make audio or add the video that you want to convert to MP3, you will get the option of convert, then you can click on convert like you As soon as you click on the convert, then you have to wait for a while there, if the video is longer than 1 minute or 2 minutes, then you may have to wait for 5 minutes, after that you wait for the video of what you have Audio convert will be found, now friends, you can also save it easily in your mobile phone, whatever audio output has come out of that video, you can save it in your mobile and do whatever you want to use it.

What is the best video to MP3 converter?

So friends, I hope that you have learned from the information provided by this post how to convert any video to MP3 or how to make a video audio and easily in 1 minute you can in your mobile phone How can you save it by making friends, if you liked this post, then like this post, share it with all your friends and if you have any questions from the Relate, you will definitely comment by telling us that in your mind What is the question and friends can always follow us to read posts related to similar technology, thank you

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