How can you tell if someone is busy on call?

Friends, a lot of people have asked me that if someone is talking to someone on a call, how can you find out without calling him, friends, in this post today we are going to tell you this method and friends to use this method. We need tabs when we do not want to call anyone but want to find out if his call is busy or not, friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you everything step by step and if you are going to understand then friends Will read the post completely and will definitely understand this trick in a good way.

How do I get rid of call busy?

So friends, to find out all this, you have to first keep a calling app in your mobile, due to which you can easily find out if someone is talking on a call with someone or is busy somewhere. Friends, in this app you get to know everything easily, if its number is saved in our mobile, then it is quite easy to find it and friends, just you will be shown these two callers, if their mobile is busy on a call then red will be shown and If it is not busy then green will be shown.

How do I turn off call busy?

So friends, as we told you that to use this method you will need an app in your mobile, friends, to take that app in your mobile, you have to first open the play store in your mobile as soon as you You will open the Play Store in your mobile, you will find a lot of mobile apps there, then you will have to search this app first to take and use this app in your mobile and for them you must first Select the search option given above.

How do I activate line busy?

As soon as you open the search bar in your mobile, after that, you have to search the name of the app above, due to which you can easily find out who is busy on your call, then you are up for that I want to write the name of that app and all of you will know about that app, the name of that app is truecaller which you all must have used but you will not know how you can find out about this app. Whose call is on waiting or not.

How do I divert a phone number?

So friends, as soon as you search this app, you will try this app on your mobile, then you have to take this app in your mobile, as soon as you take this app in your mobile, now open this app in your mobile As soon as you have to open this app in your mobile, after that you will have to set up some in this app, then as soon as you open this app, you will be asked for some permissions in this app, so first of all permissions to this app Have to give

What numbers should not answer?

As soon as you give all the permissions, after that this app will be fully opened in your mobile, now I tell you how you can setup this app in your mobile, then friends, you need to set up this app. First of all, you have to put your mobile number on it, as soon as you put your mobile number here, then after that a confirmation call will come on your mobile, then that colour will not be able to pick up that call; Will open completely.

How to know call busy or not?

Now the number of all the numbers will be saved on your mobile, you will start showing it on it, then you have to see it on whoever you want to see, then for this you have to first see a dot colour which will be either red. Either if every one sees a red dot in a contact, then understand that their call is busy, but if they see green, then understand that their call is not busy anywhere.

So friends, in this way you can find out whether someone is in call waiting or not, friends, I am glad that you will have liked this post, if you have liked this post, then please, if you liked this way, please post this post. Like and share this post with all your friends, and by commenting, tell us how you liked this post and also if you want to read posts related to similar technology, then follow us. Thank you

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