How can I use my phone without touchscreen?

Friends, we all use mobile phones, but friends, some people have asked me that without touching our mobile phones Sir, if the touch screen of our mobile phone is not working, how did you use the mobile phone, so today In this post, I have brought a way for all of you so that you can use the touchscreen without touching your mobile, you can run your mobile phone from your brother, which is going to be quite good, today this post is a good way. You will understand everything that will be done by that, you can use this pick only then you will need an application to use cystic, then we tell you how to use that application, how the application works, everything Gonna tell you

How can I use my Android without touchscreen?

So friends, to use this application, first of all, as I told you that an application will be required, friends, the best thing in that application is that the application is given by Google itself and the name of that application is Google Access. With the help of the application, you can use the voice command of your mobile using voice commands and can easily run your mobile phone here with the help of your voice, as if you have heard the name of Google Assistant, it is the same application but It works very well and is a very good application, I have been using this application myself for a long time, so I thought that you should also tell about this application to all of us, so let us explain how to take this application in mobile phone. Is

What can I use to touch my phone screen?

So friends, in order to use this application, you must first be taking it in your mobile phone, for that you will have to open the Google Play Store in mobile. To take in your mobile phone, as soon as you open the Google Play Store, you get a lot of applications there, friends, to take this application in your mobile phone, you will have to open the search bar at the top because friends There are a lot of applications in the Google Play Store, so how will you know how you can take the application that you are telling about in your mobile phone, then you have to open the search bar and you have to write there Google access and search has to be done.

How can I control another phone from my phone?

Friends, as soon as you search by writing so much, then you will get a lot of applications in your mobile phone, then Google’s l.l.c. The first application that you see that has been created by Google LLC is to take that application into your mobile phone. After taking it in the mobile phone in this application, as soon as you open it, here you will need to turn on accessibility settings. If spoken, you have to open the settings of your mobile and there you have to go to the accessibility settings and there you will get an option of voice access, you have to turn it on after that, after doing so, ask for small permissions here. If you go, you have to give all that permission to the officer.

How do you write on a phone screen with a pen?

Friends, as soon as you give all the permission, an application will open in your mobile phone in this application, now what to do here is that once you have to type on the icon of this application, like blue color in the top after that. Voice option will come here, as soon as you see it, then you can speak anything, you can speak WhatsApp or you can say anything that you want to open in your mobile phone or like your mobile phone If you want to run, then friendship is good, I hope you all have liked the post, all of you must have liked this post, if you all liked it, then like it, share it with your friends and comment will tell how you liked this post. And you can also follow us to read new posts related to similar technology.

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