How can i secure my mobile phone trick 2021

Friends, we often have a question in our mind that no one is using our mobile phone, he has not put any such app in our mobile phone, so that he can use it on my WhatsApp or photo or video or any other If you do not see the data of our mobile phone, then in this post today, friends, I am going to tell you three ways that you will be able to confirm that you are not using your mobile or any such app which is mobile If you are not in a phone that is causing damage to your mobile phone, then friends, read this post carefully, everything is understood step by step, after that you can follow these steps in your mobile phone and easily find out. That there is no such application or any such thing in your mobile phone.

So friends talk first of all, till the fun, with the help of which you can find out all that is on your mobile. First of all you have to open WhatsApp in your mobile phone and friends if you want to find out what is related to WhatsApp. In mobile WhatsApp, no one is looking at the chat or there is no such problem in my WhatsApp, you have to open your WhatsApp first, after that you will get three dots in the right hand side, clicking on the northern WhatsApp. Have you been clicking a WhatsApp message to friends, you have been checking from time to time that there is no one here, if you have a WhatsApp login there, friends, this is the way that you can find out whether your WhatsApp is not running anywhere else. The second trick tells that which is related to your mobile settings, with the help of which you can easily find it.

So friends, now the second trick is where you have to look in the settings of your mobile, you have the settings of your mobile phone, all of the settings in the mobile are available here. First of all, you have to open now as soon as you open the mobile settings, here you get the option of an app, as I told you that it is everyone’s mobile phone, so here you have to open the apps. Now after opening the option of friends apps, where you will get three options, you will get three options that you will be shown the apps which are already in your mobile, which you cannot uninstall, other will be shown which you have externally from your mobile phone. In the stall, and third apps will be shown which are in the settings of your mobile, here you have to turn off the option of the installed app.

As soon as you open the option of the installed app, then there will be a lot of apps in your mobile phone, which you have stalled in your mobile phone, now the thing to see here is that you have an app like this Which is present here, now you mean you have to check whether your mobile phone has the same apps that you have for your work or is there any unknown you are also in your mobile phone, so here you have a good way You have to check and if you feel that there is an app in your mobile phone that you do not need or you have not run that app in your mobile phone, then you have to miss that app immediately. It is possible that someone has installed it in your mobile phone.

Let me talk to Abdul, the last and third number tank where Dev Saheb has to open the Google Play Store in his mobile phone, which is easily in all of us mobile phones, now here you get accessibility application. Who will never let the virus or any such application in your mobile phone harm your mobile phone, then here you have to open the search cross above to search this app and search there. If you search the City Mobile App Security Mobile App, then where there will be a lot of people coming to your mobile, you have to take the above apps in your mobile phone. In this application, you have to open and give all permissions and only after giving permission, the application will open, now you can scan your entire mobile phone and make it safe and secure here.

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