How can I find the exact location on Google Maps?

Friends, I have been asked by a lot of people that how can we see the exact location on Google, because we need it anywhere, friends, we always need it when we travel somewhere and at that time we do not know that Where is the place, then in this post of friends, we are going to tell you step by step, how you can find the right place in your mobile with the help of Google Map and can reach that exact location, then friends, all of you Some tell from bed.

How can I find a place on Google Maps?

So friends, first of all, if you want to find the exact location on which it is and where is its correct location, then for the first time whenever you open the Google map on your mobile, then when you click on any of the above menu When writing the name of the place, make sure that there is no mistake in that name because when you write the correct name, Google Map will show you the right path.

How do you search on maps?

Man has seen many times that many people give the wrong name, write the name of the wrong place or any spelling in writing the name of that place, then google map can not find your place correctly at that time. So whenever you are writing the name of any place in Google map, then keep these things in mind.

How to see exact location on Google map by whatsapp

Friends, till now, the man who told you the way was that whenever you have to write the name of any place in Google map, then you have to take care that there is no mistake in it, but the question of many people is that Tire we name the right place. Searching everything is right, yet we can not find that place, then friends, I will tell you another way that will definitely work for you, friends, today tomorrow everyone uses WhatsApp in their mobile and we Whenever you go somewhere, we definitely have some relative or friend there, friends, you have to speak to your friend that you share the location of your WhatsApp, on our WhatsApp, now friends here it is known that even today There are many people who do not know how to share their location on WhatsApp, so let’s first give you that thing.

How to share google map location on whatsapp

So it is quite easy to share the location on friends whatsapp, but even today there are many people who do not know this, friends, for the same people, I have been talking about this, so friends, to share your location on whatsapp, you just need to WhatsApp in your mobile Have to open his chat now, you want to share your location, as soon as you open his chat, then you will get an option of PIN at the bottom, to open it, if you do not understand this, then you send a photo like You have to open the same option, after that you will now get an option of share location at the bottom, all you have to do is click on the share location and share your live location.

How to track google map location by whatsapp

So friends, now you must have known how to share your location on WhatsApp, so friends, this is also a way that you can see the location of any place on Google map where you can see friends The man of the judge told you that you have to go wherever you want to tell a friend or relative to share the location on your WhatsApp, as soon as they share that location, you have to open it as soon as you open it. If you will open Google map in your mobile, then you will be shown the exact location where you have to go very easily.

So friends, I am hopeful that because of this post, you must have learned how we can easily search any place on Google Map or see it, then friends, if you liked this trick, I have liked this post. If you like it, please like this post, share it with all your friends and follow us to read new posts related to similar technology on this site. Thank you

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