Can I send WhatsApp message without adding contact?

Friends, we all use WhatsApp in our mobile phones, but in today’s post, I am going to tell you a way that you can message it on WhatsApp without saving any number of friends, friends with us very often. There is a problem that we want to message someone who has no number on WhatsApp, but we are unable to do that because we do not know this trick but in this post today, you learn this trick. How can you message anyone on WhatsApp without saving the number, Friends, it often happens to me that we do not want to save someone’s number, he basically wants to send us a photo or send a document but For that, we have to save his number, then go to WhatsApp chat and then he has to message it, here you can message directly on WhatsApp without a number, let’s tell you the way.

How can I chat on WhatsApp without sharing my number?

You friends must have happened to you too many times that someone must have said that send me this document or photo on my WhatsApp but you do not want to save its number because friends there are many people whose number we save in our mobile Do not want to do, but now when we have to send a document, we have to save its number in our mobile phone first, just after we have to open our WhatsApp, after that we have to go to our contact list and find its WhatsApp in the contact list. He has to message many times it happens that his WhatsApp is not available to us online, there is a network issue or if there is a problem, then we do not even see his WhatsApp profile, but friends who are now you very easily Just enter the number, click on OK, WhatsApp will open and you can message it very easily.

How can I send WhatsApp message without adding contacts to computer?

But friends, to do all this, you have to first take a small application in your mobile phone, the application is very special, it is just a 2 MB application, which if you keep it in your mobile phone, then you can easily send anyone on WhatsApp. You can direct message, so friends, how to use that application in your mobile phone, in the post, we are going to tell you that there is nothing there, you have to enter the number, click OK, your WhatsApp direct direct message. Can do

How can I send 10000 messages on WhatsApp?

So friends, for this you have to first open the Google Play Store in your mobile phone, as you all know that before using any application in our mobile phone, we have to take it from the Play Store which is like it If you open the Play Store, you will find a lot of applications there, as you know that many applications are available in the Play Store, millions of applications are uploaded to the Play Store everyday, now here you have to click on the search at the top because Unless you do not do that application, you can not download, so I have to write again and again, you have to click, chat and search, so after searching by writing so much, the application will come to you at the first number to direct this application. You have to take it to your mobile phone.

How can I send a message to more than 5 contacts on WhatsApp?

As soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, first of all, you have to open this application in your mobile phone, as soon as you open it, here you will be asked for a small permission. As soon as you give all the permission, it will open your cation in your mobile phone in a full way, now friends, here you have to keep in mind that before entering any number, you have to select the country code, like our Country code is plus 91G Yes friends this is our country code as you know, so before entering the number of whomever you want to message, you have to enter the country code here as soon as you enter the country code and enter the number After you click on the message, like you click on the message, your WhatsApp will open in your mobile and at the same time its chat will also open, which you want to message, friends, in this way you can save the number of anyone without having to save their directory on WhatsApp But you can message

How do I send a message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp?

So friends, I hope you liked the application, you would have liked this trick because you need this trick everyday, so friends, if you like this trick, then please like this post to all your friends. Share this post with, comment will tell how you liked this post and friends, you can follow us to read to learn things related to the same technology, thank you

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