Best way to increase your internet speed in mobile

Friends, we all use the internet in our mobile phones, but friends, there are many people who are very much worried about the speed of their internet, so friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell you some such ways, so that the internet speed of your mobile Whatever it is, it will be 2 times. Always check the speed, want to increase it and many methods are already available which people use but this is the way and it is the best way, then everything will tell you step by step, first of all let me tell you that What to do and how you can use this method in your mobile phone.

So friends, before telling the way, let us tell you how this trick works, now friends, many people who are here tell about an application that if you give this application in your mobile phone, then the internet speed will increase, someone says that If you make a call to someone and run the internet at that time, then its speed will increase or there are many other ways as I told you that it is already available but friends here, neither can I tell you about any application. I am not going to tell about any other method, friends, here I am going to tell you about a court, which court if you use and switch off your mobile once and turn it on. Mobile internet speed will double.

Now friends, you have to understand this method very well and how is your work, I will also tell you that in this post, friends, to use this method, first of all you have to dial pad of your mobile in your mobile phone. Now, as soon as you open the dial pad in your mobile phone, there are many numbers in front of you, now here I mention you a code, as soon as you enter that code in your mobile phone. If you type, after typing the court, friends will come here in front of you phone information one and phone information two will come here, now friends information one and two will come only when your mobile phone has 2 sim cards.

Abdul, as soon as the phone information comes here in your mobile phone, then you have to select the phone information, now friends, after selecting the information, all your mobile information from the network to the network will be shown to you below. If you come in, you will get an option MSC, it will be an option here, next to it, the option of update will be given, if friends update, then after updating, it will take a while to update, after that here you will get There will be an option of what to do, it has to be turned on.

Now, as soon as you refresh, refresh your mobile, here you have to switch off and switch on, now friends, as soon as you switch off and switch on, your mobile phone is completely here, the speed of the internet is very high. It will increase, now you can go to the play store here and take any internet speed checking application in your mobile phone and there you can check the internet speed of your mobile, now friends, as soon as you are here on your mobile If you check the internet speed of your mobile, then your mobile internet speed will be very high here, so friends, if you have liked a truck, if you have liked the post, then like this post and definitely share it with all your friends. Thank you very much for reading, you can also follow us for always reading such tactical posts. Thank you.

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