Best useful internet settings and trick for all android users 2021

Friends, all of you must be using the Internet in your mobile phone and you must be running all the Internet, but there are some Internet tricks that I will not tell you yet and if you learn these Internet tricks, then you will be very much useful and This track is very important for you to learn, so in today’s post I am going to tell you 2 internet tricks, both of which are going to be very useful for you in daily life, so friends, first of all let’s talk about the first number trick that the first number What I am going to tell in the trick is related to what, so here let me tell you that whatever we are in everyone’s mobile, we all use 2 sim in our mobile phone, now what happens here That if we are talking on calling from one sim, then our other sim is put in flight mode which is here means that there is no network in that sim now suppose I have internet access from one sim Friends, in today’s first trick, I am going to tell you what the first truck will tell you. They are

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Abdul, first of all what you have to do is to use a woman in your mobile phone, here you have to first open the setting of your mobile phone, as soon as you open the setting, here you get a lot of settings, now friends here But you will get the option of mobile network and setting, open the setting, then here you will be given the option of friend sim, both sims will be installed in your mobile phone, you have to find out from which sim you are calling and which one. If you want to use the Internet from the SIM, then there is a setting in which it is written, friends, where there is a setting, if you turn that setting on, then now if you are talking on the phone from any one SIM If so, you can use the internet from your second sim, friends, this is the most important thing about the setting, friends, this was the first setting, now I talk about the second setting, which is related to the internet browsing of our mobile, now what is this? How are those things I will explain to you here.

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So first of all, now let me tell you what I am going to tell you in the second setting, now if we talk about the second setting, there will be many people here who will be browsing the internet and searching a lot of things on the internet, but do you Know that whatever you search on the Internet, everything is known, that means that everyone knows what it is that you search on the Internet, so how does it know that it is a very distant thing and quite a lot. More technically, what is in it, there are things that you might not know, now on the second here I tell that whatever you are searching for here, you want to hold there that no one knows those things that no one can see. So friends here, I will tell you a truck, using which whatever you search on the internet, no one will be able to see it except you, then friends go and tell you other settings.

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So friends, to use this setting, you have to first launch an application in your mobile phone, we friends, with the help of this application, whatever you browse, whatever you search, no one will know, now its For this, you have to open the Google Play Store in your mobile phone and as soon as you open the Google Play Store, you will have to search there, in the search bar above, you have to write Private Browser Now friends, as soon as you search by writing Private Browser, it will The browser will come first in your mobile, now you have to take this browser in your mobile phone and friends, this browser is just so secure, if you search any things here, then no one except you If you are able to see, friends, this was our two settings, if you have liked both these settings, then you will like this post, share it as much as you can and you can also follow us to always read similar technology related posts, thank you

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