Best App lock for all android users 2021

Friends, all of you must have used it in your mobile phone to lock the applications, it has become very old and many people are using that thing if you are using people and that Time, if someone sees your password pattern, then you can easily open your password pattern, so friends, in today’s post, I have brought some such tricks for you, I have come up with a way to lock a new app that all of you guys It is going to be liked a lot, so which post will be completed today will be understood in a better way because on this post I am going to tell you a very great and very awesome new way to lock applications.

Which fingerprint App Lock is best?

So friends, before telling this method, first of all let me tell you how this method works in such a way that no one will know how you have locked your application and such a feature has been given in it. In which if you press the volume button of your mobile twice, then the lock of your mobile will open that means the lock of your application will open, how do you have to do all this, how to use this application, the application is new, then it is It is possible that you do not know many things, then friends, I will tell you from the beginning that how to get this application in your mobile, how to do settings, how to use, everything that I am going to tell in today’s post.

Which app lock is Indian?

So friends, first of all let me tell you how to use this application in your mobile phone, then friends, to use this application, you have to first take this application in your mobile phone and friends, to get it in your mobile phone, you have to You have to open Google Play Store in your mobile phone, you know that Google Play Store is there in all of us and whenever we have a new application, we take it from Google Play Store in our mobile phone, then friends. What you have to do here is to open the Google Play Store, after opening you will find many applications that are here, now for the application we want, you have to open the search app in the Play Store but I really talk time Which if you open, then friends are asked to search you here, the name of the application is Abdus, then you have to write the name of that application, note and search here.

How do I permanently lock apps?

Now friends, as soon as you search by typing the name of this application, the application will come first in your mobile phone, now the first thing is to take it in your mobile phone Abdul, as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, then here But friends, you open this application, as soon as you open this application, then here you will be asked for some basic missions, now you have to give the basic permission to this application, as soon as friends give all the basic permissions to this application. After that this application will be open to you completely after being in your mobile phone where you have to set a password, now friends, how will the password be set, I will tell you where you will be changed to set the password. So you have to press the volume button of your mobile, as many times as you press the volume button, this password of your mobile will be set in the same way if you press 2 times up twice, then here is the password of the friend mobile, the same should be set will go

Which is the safest app lock?

Now friends, after this, you will be asked some security questions such as what was your first name in school, what was the name of your school in school, you have to set the question by taking it there in the answer, when you forget the password, then this answer to the security question By giving you can open the lock of this application, after that all the applications of your mobile will come in this application, friends, whatever lock you want to unlock, you can easily unlock the lock from here. After that, no one will be able to open the applications of your mobile here until the lock password of the volume button will not be entered on your mobile, which you have set, then friends, I come, you must have liked this check You must have liked this post, if you liked this post matric, then like this post and definitely share it with all your friends, thank you

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