Best 3 useful whatsapp tricks 2021

Friends, all of you must be using WhatsApp, but friends WhatsApp does not have some such tricks, there are some features that you might not know yet, friends, on this post today, I am going to tell you three such tricks of WhatsApp. If you learn the thing, then this trick will help you a lot in your Delhi WhatsApp use, friends, on this you will be more easy to run WhatsApp and in a more fun way you will be able to use WhatsApp, friends, this three tricks of WhatsApp What is how to use intersex, everything tells you step by step, friends, here are the tricks that I am going to tell you, in those tricks you will have to use some WhatsApp settings and some of the tricks which are you need to use an application With the help of this, I will first go to the WhatsApp settings and tell you the first trick here.

What are some cool WhatsApp tricks?

So friends, as I told you that where I am going to tell the 3rd date of WhatsApp, first of all, you have to open your WhatsApp for this, now as soon as you open your WhatsApp, after opening WhatsApp you will have to WhatsApp You will also get the option of a setting. You also know that there is an option of setting in everyone’s WhatsApp, you have to open the settings. Now, here I am going to tell you the trick which is that the problem of your WhatsApp hangs You have to see many times, whatsapp is there, our hangs, it hangs, so why do you hang on, then there is a hang up due to storage here. Now I will just click on the option, you will see here that you will see here how much GB of data has been given on the storage here, so if your storage is increasing here, then you will have to delete some media, delete some data. After that you have to fix your WhatsApp hanging problem Will get our first trick.

What is Whats App secrets tricks?

Abdul then tells you that the second track here is another train which is related to friends network u here, so let me tell you what we use when we use friends as you know that network is used here a lot. That internet data is used a lot, so if the internet data is being used here, then your MB is the data that is spent here too much, so if you want to know what is my most on whatsapp If the data comes here, you could find it, you get an option under it, Abdul, then here you have to open the network usage, you will open the network like this, here you will get a call, you will get media, Google The drive will be found, the message will be received, the status will be found and roaming will be found, so here you can see what is the most data you are using, if you want to save your data, then here you get an option If you enable it, then your mobile data here is very less Our second trick will be used here, Abdul tells you the third trick here.

How can you tell if someone has read your WhatsApp without blue ticks?

Now here is the third trick of WhatsApp, in this trick, I am going to tell you that if old messages are deleted from your WhatsApp, how old chats are deleted, then how can you backup them and bring the data back to WhatsApp. This is a great trick and many people have asked me here, our chat is deleted from our WhatsApp, our data card is deleted, so how can we bring them back to our WhatsApp, then friends here I tell you that its For this, you will need an application, this application tells you how to take your mobile phone and how you can backup your WhatsApp data with the help of it.

How can you tell if someone is chatting on WhatsApp?

So the first thing you have to do here is opening the Google Play Store on your mobile phone, now as soon as you open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone, here you get a lot of applications. You have to collect the search bar above and write there, Ward Backup Friends, how is this application that keeps taking backup of your entire WhatsApp from time to time like if Mali ji has ever deleted your WhatsApp or Then the phone is formatted or WhatsApp is removed from your mobile, then at that time you can easily back up your WhatsApp with the help of this application, your WhatsApp data will never be completely deleted in your mobile phone. But I hope all of you have liked these three tricks, you must have liked this post and if you have liked this post and you want to read more such technology related posts then you can also follow us thank you

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