3 Amazing Useful WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know Trick 2021

Friends, whatsapp we all use in our mobile phones but friends most of the people chat on whatsapp, make video calls, more than that they don’t know in whatsapp, more and more they send photos send some documents send videos just This much is known about WhatsApp, but friends, after reading this post today, you will get to know some of the new features of WhatsApp, there are some such updates which you will not know yet. There are many such features on WhatsApp. By using which you can make the user experience of WhatsApp even better. You have everything to tell step by step friends. First of all, I am going to tell you three tricks of WhatsApp in this post, in which I will tell you step by step, first of all. What is going to benefit you in the truck, what is going to benefit you in the second truck and what is most special is the third trick, then the third one will definitely fall.

So friends first of all talk about the features of WhatsApp, first of all it happens that many of our family members are children, they are using their WhatsApp, but we do not know who they chat with. If we are not chatting with a wrong person, then we have to take care of it, then in such a way, how can we find out where we are chatting or who we are talking to? If you are on WhatsApp, for this you have to first open WhatsApp in their mobile friends, as soon as you open WhatsApp in their mobile, then here you have to open their chat with whom you want to know from whom it is What are you talking about, then there you have to open their chat of their and your family members that you know about, after that you will take 3dot on the right side, click on it and will give an option of export chat to everyone. You have to click on the export chat and send the chat to you on your mobile phone.

Friends, by this trick you will know very easily that your family members and what have been chatted between them, what photos, what videos have gone, what photos are video videos, here you will get two options and Without media, you have to take care of this thing, what to do, then the photo will come with the video or not, only what is the chat will be shown to you, then friends, you have to take care that you include the included media only then you have the photo with the video which is being exported. I have used this trick myself many times, it is very good and very good whatsapp trick, you guys can also use this trick.

Now friends talk about the number two that how you can use a new feature of WhatsApp using the second number gastric, the second trick is that there is a lot of friends that we do not want to show the chat of our WhatsApp to anyone. And they ask us for a mobile phone and we have to give it to friends, at that time you can easily hide WhatsApp’s chats using a setting of WhatsApp. There are three dots, you have to click on it, you have to go to your settings, after you go to the settings, you have to go to the privacy settings, in the privacy settings, you will get an option of chat history, then you have to open the option of chat history. If you open the option of app, then you will get an option there, as soon as Archie will enable this option off, then all the chats on your mobile will keep them hidden. Whom are you chatting with on WhatsApp?

So friends, this was the second way. Now we talk. The third way is how you can handle. You are so big that we are in a meeting or sitting with a family and we have an audio message. Comes on WhatsApp and we are unable to read that audio message at that time, so friends, in the third track of this post today, I will tell you a trick so that you can easily change any audio message in the text. Now to change the second tax, the first thing you need to do is to take an application in your mobile phone, with the help of that you can convert any voice to chat, now friends, open the Google Play Store for that Searching and transcribing money on top of tax, you will transfer the first number, that application will come on the number, that app has to be taken in your mobile phone, now what to do, whatever voice message you have received on WhatsApp, that voice message Set up and select the button above, whatever voice message you have, easily chat with your mobile. Will be shown in

So friends, these were the 3 best tracks of WhatsApp that you probably did not know yet and using Friends Entrance, you can run WhatsApp very easily and you can get even better experience through WhatsApp and other tracks are quite If you have liked this track, you are more artisan and very good, then you will like this post, share this post of all your friends, comment on how you liked this post or if you have any questions related to this post. You can ask for such technology related new post, you must follow us Thank you

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